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If I'm worth the fight,
then I can take a hit.
It isn't whether I win,
it's if I refuse to quit.
That's funny, because just wait,
for about 24 hours.
Where I'll gain the tremors,
but lose uncertain power.
An inner conflict is my battle,
but one I don't think ends.
Should I be authentically useless?
There's a home I could transcend.
I could ascend upon my limits,
I'm a king to every kind of thinking.
I control my darkness,
in the rapid form of blinking.
Open, close, open, close,
My fists could match the sides.
They're knocking on my skull,
of course I'm gonna abide.
I lost purpose when I dropped value,
when nothing stopped me from the pain.
if all I give to the world is anger,
why shouldn't I receive the same??
I relapsed again, I hate myself.
Punched a wall so hard I instantly bruised my knuckles.
Pulled out a patch of my hair.
Made my leg blue from hitting it so hard.
I feel like I deserve this.
And is my thought differing from the truth?
I don't think so.
Keep living, y'all.
I'll do the same.
All feedback is welcome and appreciated.
E McNamara Jun 2018
if you act perfectly happy for too long
a darkness will grow inside you
and will spill like blood.
regrets, screams
things you wanted to say
things you wanted to do
all the hits you took
which led to all the punches you pulled.
as your thinned heartstrings
finally snap,
you will too
and your fire will burn the world alive.
it's okay to let people see you cry
it's okay to scream and yell
it's okay to not be perfect
it's so much healthier to not be perfectly happy all the time
it’s gotten so lonely
that it started to rain
washing away this
miserable, hardened
look on my face
as a smile reappeared
the thunder
and lightning
called me back
and showed me
who I was
what I could be
and sent me back
better prepared
and with reason
because the coliseums
of the world will fight
***** and unfair
so just sometimes you
have to rip the tape off
a throw a few
bare knuckle punches
below the waist
Diana Garcia Oct 2017
Written by Diana Garcia**
My brain waves are like a storm
I wish i could sit in silence
I wish i wasnt so ******* torn
I tried to understand you but whats the use
it's my turn to talk but will you listen?
When you look at me what do you see
Your daughter, your sister or am I the punching bag that youve been missin'?
let me show you the scars you gave me
those wonderful gifts
that keep me up at night
the reoccurring hate
those angry tears.
All the times i went hungry
cause i refused to come home for years.
Over and over again i was told.
Theres nobody to blame other than myself.
YES! cause it is I who but my well being up on the shelf.
Ive checked out, to this i do admit.
I am numb and I simply exist.
How can I love, hate, or any of those words in the adjective list
when all I know is how to roll with the punches, how to roll with waves in the stormy ocean with all these ******* dusty emotions..
Kashif Riaz Apr 2017
Who's in senses
and who's not
Who's more egoist
and who's bigger insane
Both are hateable
but I can't say that
The home is toxic
but I have to breathe
Environment is killing
but I have to live
Live in silence
ready for more punches
No other way
just be patient
Can't take stand
against my own assets
cait-cait Jul 2015
i threw my past at you,
thinking you'd understand,
because pain is relative, and
i knew you got that much

but whats been thrown at me,
be it punches, or knives, or
you and
your words

i guess i just put more
trust in the thought
that you'd think more like me and
you'd, for once, have sympathy.
you actually are blind so ******* for that. but you were right about me being selfish... oh well, since thats true i guess ill just watch another ep or orange is the new black even tho i dont really have the time.
Madzq Aug 2014
Times are changing
Better role with the punches
Or get out of line.
I think maybe I'll take
Some help this time.
Some say it's greener.
Well, it was greener on the other side.
Fertilized with pride.
With jealousy, contempt, and glamour
Lies and hypocrisy. All without honor.
Spread on those fields so crisp and clean.
But there's so much more
That went unseen.
So cheer up darlin
It's a New day coming.
Lets go on home
Throw that dog her bone
And start over.

Times are changing
Better get out when you still can
Realizing pride is one thing that
Will make you fall harder, but
Can make you stand taller.
Don't be afraid to start again.
Don't give up no matter how wrong you have been.

— The End —