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Madzq Apr 2015
The air was crisp and clean and clear,
The huntsman knew his time had come.
He gathered all equipment and gear.
Then shined and polished his gun.
He took a step, his boots polished black.
To his tiny little wife he blew a kiss back
Off, he was, to capture his prized buck.
She waved goodbye wishing him luck.

He got to his post, stood there and waited.
Patiently, with his traps he had baited.
For a time he remained quiet and still.
This kind of game was his kind of thrill.
Lo and behold, with rage and adrenaline
A perfect opportunity made its rise.
He steadied his rifle, an expert marksman.
He shot the young buck between its eyes.

In a moment it was done
And the huntsman had won.
The poor creature had no chance to fight.
It had fallen to the earth
No cry made it's birth
A silent victim in the night.

Time had come for homebound journey,
With the sun setting on both heads.
Only one of them back with family,
The other became family's dread.
The huntsman took his brand new trophy
And hung high the brown skinned creature.
Hand in hand with his wife he stood boldly
"I was the one to end this ******."
Madzq Apr 2015
All my stress comes out in dreams
And yours' comes out in light.
When at night you hear my screams
Daytime bring the fright.
Anxiety stricken morning kiss
Whispers of times to come,
Your false promise of today's bliss
All of this.... will come undone.

Though I know how each day will end,
Nothing, to you, will ever be wrong.
You still believe and try to pretend
It's all right if you sing God's song.
Our fractured world is on the mend;
This illusion lasts only for so long.
The corner of your smile starts to bend.
And, by then all's gone wrong.

With sharp words comes your battle cry.
I, now, your projected/reflected demon.
With fists and spit, the pain like fire flies.
A confused face searching for reason.
Do I defend; an eye for an eye?
No, I still stand to take what I'm given.
I will tuck you in your bed tonight.
You'll say your prayers, You'll be forgiven.

And I'll be here again and again
To help you fight your demons.
Madzq Apr 2015
Nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme,
Tell me what to fear this time.
Spin around. Down to the ground.
That's where all dead kids are found.

Nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme,
Tell of broken bows that break.
Sing of ash and mourning face.
Tell me lord my soul he'll take.

Nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme
Hide abuse between the lines.
Give excuse for pain and dread.
With happy sound this song is read
Sing this to the tune, "rain, rain, go away"
Madzq Apr 2015
I said that I needed
to put between   us    some distance.
And in that instance,
with a voice so vicious,
You warned me
to never ask your help again.

I don't think I need help from you
if you can't give it freely.
There's always some catch
some payback
some string attached.
Not gonna let that enslave me.

Not gonna do this anymore,
Not when your anger
pummels me into the floor.
Madzq Apr 2015
So it finally stopped snowing
And it's now quite sunny.
So many things now begin their growing,
And honey from bees will be overflowing.
Strangers in the street gift their smiling.

It'll be good for a while,
Everyone happy and fun.
Can't wait to come
And play In the sun.
In a few months though,
they'll think quite differently.
All their fun and laughing
Will turn to anxiety:
"Why is it so hot,
why can't I find relief?"
"I can't wait for the cold,
Snow will look so pretty."
So, then do you not see?
That the "now" that be
Will never make you happy
Until you learn to just be.
Madzq Apr 2015
There was a bug
on a rug
that they swept over.
He rolled
And he poled
To get up over
The rug
That the bug
was swept over.
Side to side
He twisted
By and and by
He had lifted
Up off of the blasted
Rug that had got him
So thwarted.
There are things
Beyond our control
Things that stifle
No matter the trifle
Things that don't make sense at all.
Just remember the bug
That was swept onto the rug
Wriggle and writhe
Don't settle, you'll die
Keep trying like the bug on the rug
Be determined
Madzq Feb 2015
I love the cold, the chill on my skin.
I love the way it makes my bones want to crack and break through my chafed flesh.
The way my blood slows, numbing my limbs, slowing their movement.
I love the way you left me...

I love the way I've been torn and left. Yes, love it how with every breath my lungs strain and gasp for the air that once soothed their burning....

I love this frustration. love how it consumes every waking moment. love how I can't get passed you. Ilove how I've tried....

I just love the corruption of my thoughts, the way they long for what was: to be tormented, twisted up yet again in mindless passion, spinning...
I loved the crash that followed that high and those glorious nigh5a that are now so empty....

I love being alone. love listening to the sound of your silence. I love how it's been so long since you've graced me with your untimely presence. I just love it to death!

I love still freezing from the absence of your touch. I love longing for the warmth of an endearing word from your now forlorn mouth. I love it how you still have nothing to say now that time is spent and it's too late.

**I love it so much, it kills me
Sarcasm at its saddest
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