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Kashif Riaz Oct 2017
Under the shadow of your ego
Many days have passed
I know you are also missing me there
but not a single word came
Somewhere inside me
Your kinda ego
developing here too
I hate the habit
which we both have
not ready to accept
We love each other
Kashif Riaz Jul 2017
Life like a box and body stuck
dragging line to line
and these're hard lines
Lines like rules and rebellion chained
merging point to point
and these're hard points
Points like pills and soul addicted
dying time to time
and these're hard times
Times not ready to change
So am I...
Kashif Riaz May 2017
A place like this
Difficult place
Darkling the days and dulling nights
I don't wanna stay here
A person like you
Complicate to deal
Darkling the heart and dulling mind
I don't wanna stay here
A conversation like this
Boring routine
Darkling the time and dulling words
I don't wanna stay here
Let me go...
Let me go to the place
where days are shiner and nights shimmer
Let me go to the person
whose heart is lighten and mind brighter
Let me go to the conversation
where time is rayon and words sheen
I don't wanna stay here
Kashif Riaz Apr 2017
Who's in senses
and who's not
Who's more egoist
and who's bigger insane
Both are hateable
but I can't say that
The home is toxic
but I have to breathe
Environment is killing
but I have to live
Live in silence
ready for more punches
No other way
just be patient
Can't take stand
against my own assets
Kashif Riaz Feb 2017
Although I know love is a terrible thing to run from
I'm running...
Kashif Riaz Jan 2017
All the pain in this room
Pouring the pain in my heart
All the unconscious patients
and their over conscious attendants
Pouring the questions in my mind
Questions about God
Questions about His love
              and she has gone
gone into another room
room with more pain
pain which tears  heart
heart which consoles me
and heart lied
pain which compels mind
mind which ensures me
and believe broke
             and she has gone
gone into another room
room which opens into another world
world with no pain
             and me in this same room
room which I shared with her
her who's left me
me with all that pain
Kashif Riaz Nov 2016
Its time, tick tick monster
and me like a lazy pigeon
There're worries inside outside
and me like who's care
Its fear, everywhere
and me like no where
There're hurries up to date
and me like out of date
Its fate, controlling me
and me like out of control
There're doubts polluting mind
and me like I'm determined
Its late, in every hove
and me like still in move
There're routs facing silence
and only me with hue and cry
#me #abnormality #monster #mind
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