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CupcakesArePink Mar 2020
can we talk?
no, you're busy

you need a favor?
course, i'll be there in a jiffy

pushing and pulling me
like you're waves dragging me everywhere

i love you
but i can't keep up with you doing me like this

can we talk?
can we?
solfang Feb 2020
is my body gravitating down,
or levitating up?

either way my body
is out of control,
and I'm stuck in the middle
trying to figure out
where my feelings for you
is taking me
Not sure if this feeling will take me somewhere good, or it'll just spiral downhill from here.
John McCafferty Feb 2020
Pull back from me to
clear through your clutter
Only guidance can be offered for
the effects we have on ourselves
and others
Observe our actions from above
as a higher state helps to adjust
Step up from who and where you are
to be the change you want to make
Assess, review and conclude
For only we can improve our fate
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
You smell like home
Alluring me to let go
Of all the sins
To mingle in shrine
Of elation,
Chance to blossom again
A wildflower midst of roses
It sways,
Transitioning into love play
Forgetting the pain
Schlepping him to her
His gravity
Of eternal love
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I feel so ******* ungrateful
Doesn't matter what I have
No one wants to know me
All they see is a mask
Four walls keep building higher
I haven't touched one brick
My pain has done the labor for me
I am just too sick
Depression has got my hands tied
It can pull me around
Warmth diminishing each step
Heart I no longer want to successfully pound
My thoughts slow when I go speak
I can't scream for help
Just for once let me find my voice
When not just by myself
Some cries for help are silent
LC Oct 2019
my trust is like waves of the ocean.
they meet the sand at the shore,
then run away faster than ever.
if the waves are too strong,
will the sand vanish...
or will it be pulled by the waves?
Poetoftheway Sep 2019
will my roots wither if I pull away?

this, incessant self-querying,
the heart pain tug that tugs on a
clockwork-random schedule,
should I pull it up by the roots,
that, the deepest cut of all.

when you obsess, perplexed about responsibility,
about escape, from what you’ve planted,
which came up with thorns unexpected.

the sweat, from the care and feeding,
rankles and saddens, for this
investments sour taste makes you question
your common-sensical nonsensical,

that intersection where the heart and the brain clash fearsome.

this is oft, too oft, how life sinks it teeth
into you, and extracting those thorns,
leaving teeth marks
hurting long long time after
those withered roots get tugged, pulled,

like a pain in the heart that was exorcised,
but couldn’t never be fully excised

Erian Rose Sep 2019
I can count your name a million times
From fading stars to sunrise
There's nowhere I'd rather be
Under the sun's shining gloom.

If meteorites faded upon the ground
If the moon danced, crumbling down
If the galaxy was safe and sound
Would you stand there with me
Under the sun's shining gloom?

If we sank beneath the sea
If the world's turned upon our reach
If we watched Earth plummet underneath our feet
Would you stand there with me
Under the sun's shining gloom?

Or would we drown below the blue?
Would you pull away, as you do?
Would you pick up the pieces, lathered in glue?
If we stood under the sun, blazing like crystals in the dew
Would we fall apart?
Or is it too soon?
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