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Pep Nov 2015
tend to enjoy
short poems
Pep Nov 2015
Ever pulled a freshly made soon to be fruit roll up
     from cool wax paper?
That's what your words do to me.
    Half of them fleshy and colored with ingredients boiled down
and the other
             smoothed and nearly transparent.
Still, which part will I wind up eating in the end?

There's always a piece of foil.
Pep Nov 2015
Through twisted clouds he breathed
and in a moment heaved
a burden called many names
but only ever seen
as circles beneath his eyes.
Thoughts I will never hear
Explanations remain unclear
reasons untouchable by me
mistakenly I tried
greeted by his echoed sighs.

And it's a test of endurance
for whomever you know feels this
knowing the gloom
is inhaled as a heady mist
Also once inside them
it may never be torn out
and they will need you to stay
to recap what Friendship is about.
Pep Nov 2015
The soft encasement of our footsteps on damp grass,
cold which slowly seeps into my cloth made shoes
eventually to carry up my ankles, through and through
we sit on the old trailer, looking up
to a sky of but few stars, most hidden save the dippers
and our small talk begins to chorus with
the symphony of the night while we grant ourselves
permission to bypass such warning labels that
we've been wearing for the past year.

The past is the past, or so I've told myself
you've endorsed this new policy of "no regrets"
and sweep your tongue not only over my neck
but across beliefs held close for so long
I know not what to do with you, for I am leaving you
to an unknown I've learned of over and over again
merely by walking the same path in circles with you
and those circles have permeated a spell around my heart
which tends to seek, and return to you.

The change that corresponds between us displaces goodbye
we've tried so many times and the word is not strong enough
to cut the stem that is our understanding of one another which
stretches out between us over a sea of all that is flowing forward
dividing our worlds, placing us on separate sands
though we sit so closely now that our gazes still connect
in the dark where the moon hovers in a cloudless sky
and you've missed each shooting star that has flown
for the entire time, you were looking at me.

In bodies ever so familiar, our recognizable outer shells
we relax there for a while
because in the name of human decency, in our closeness
you and I may be gazing up at the stars talking about cats now
but I know that this is how we are waving across a vast sea
and if all of this flowery talk
is to be swallowed up by the night's shadows
as the cold continues towards my core and drives us inside
as our steps are forgotten by the damp lawn
I know, for truth, that goodbye does not quite blanket our history.

Yet, may a good-night lay to rest such things.
Pep Nov 2015
Never let it slip your mind
the older he/she becomes
the slower they move
remaining longer within earshot
shuffling in what other's say to
the crooked bones of their bodies.
They have learned the lesson of trees
to be still, and have a thick skin
perhaps if you weathered the young
and all that young lips say
you too would be "hard of hearing"
and blame it on going gray.
That selective hearing.
Pep Nov 2015
And somehow
    by breaking all the rules with you
        we broke one another
And we're clinging so tightly now
    I worry that a part of you fell behind
        and I'm the only one
Who will ever miss it enough to continuously
    Turn around
        And see what we really were
Strewn about across this desolate land decorated with ourselves.
Pep Nov 2015
There is a thing called Forever
it can be a scary thing
it watches you when you wake
notices when you sleep
hears every light whisper
knows every secret you keep
holds in its hands all you love
and at its feet all your hopes
your dreams hang from above
and everywhere it mopes
Forever is unknowable
for Time gave birth to it
because Time loved Uncertainty
so much that they had to be together
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