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CL Fjell Dec 2018
Oh broken-hearted boy
How your lips sting
Your hips swing
I love you, my only toy
I miss your cold.
Arthur Vaso Jul 2017
Roll it
Lights out
Whiskey sour
As I relive my incandescent whims
My life condensed to reels and reels
Of illusions
I stare in the darkness at squandered youth
A cinema of one
Coming undone
The glass falls to the floor
Echoes in the night, Ekerö's in the night
Oland also, ancient islands dancing out of sight
Islands kissing, waters whisper rippling
My sadness wrapped around
A prism in time
The director holds me bound
Movies never end
Until the obituary comes a singing
At the door, never to be opened

We used to be four
Ancient voices
Existing no more
Never refuse the last dance, hold onto dreams, and rommance
Simon B May 2017
I hold these truths to be self evident
I love she who is always prevalently in my life
She's in my thoughts all over my mind
Widespread wild shrunk into one cranium.
This is why I can't contain any of them.
I'm addicted to you, fren.
I can't tell you I love you, but I did just then
9 hours 4 minutes and 30 seconds. When.
Time flies when the feelings are reckless.
My minds straight but my heart feels hectic
In love like never before what the heck man.
It's perfect it's a symphony neglected
We hear the music but keep it on the low
but the instruments remain respected.
I feel higher than ever in the passenger seat,
listening to ABBA or other more obscure beats.
Going to burger king where we dipped both our feets
in the idea of love, where you first kissed me.
Then our chicken nuggets, so saucy. bb.
After hanging by the streams my brain was fried-
my thoughts flossing
Felt safe because I remember that you never lost me.
Poem that once meant something to me
Jack Jenkins Jan 2017
My faith has been like waves on the ocean surface
Rising and falling in the storms of this caustic life

I've let my trust in the Almighty falter
I've let all my hope fall into despair
The cares of this life gnash at me
Searing my soul with burns
But my Abba holds me
He doesn't let go
Been a long time since I've added to this series...
O Lord, Abba Father,
Forsake me not,
Hear my anguished cry!
How long will i wait?
Before You...
See the crater
      That is my heart?
Feel its jagged
       edged agony?
Taste the bitter bile?

Engulfed in depression,
Drenched in
     the Gulf of Grief,
I stare at the
     Abyss of Hopelessness,
    a Chasm of Sorrow
              too wide to cross.
My sleeplessness witnesses
      Moonless nights,
          Starless skies.
Scorching morns,
        Rainless noons,
              Song less days.

Deafened by the clamour,
Prayers and Praise
     elude me,
Silhouettes of Hope
      seem distant.
Soothe away
      my heart scars,
Seal my bleeding wounds
Send away this void!
Fill me with the
Balm of Your Grace,
Kiss of Your Mercy,
Gift of Your Peace,
Ecstasy of
       Your Presence!
Touch me!
Heal me!
Make me whole!
Jack Jenkins Aug 2016
Dear Abba,
      To spiritually photoshop, or not to spiritually photoshop: that is a recurring question. I’ve gotten pretty good at cropping and resizing to keep an impressive façade, but the emptiness behind it is the telling thing, telling me that something about the life I’m living is off the tracks. I’m not the biggest fan of mirrors but I realize they do serve a purpose: showing me the reality, the real me. I’m a ragamuffin, always have been, and yet You love me, the real me. Amazing.
An except prayer from Brennan Manning's "Dear Abba" devotional.
When you got up at 3 AM.
and you are all alone
the house is dark.
you wear a frown.

Finally dawn begins a little bit now.
It's 6:30 AM, and work is soon.

You realize the night's ended
And you were alone again
Your love and romance partner is thousands of
miles away.

One rule please remember
One thing never forget
Don't get onto you tube
and listen to abba.
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