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kerri Apr 15
Be my Villanelle,
The assassin to my heart.
Stab me,
Five ******* times.
Show me your love.
I was watching Killing Eve and all I can think of is how hot Villainelle is.
kerri Apr 4
When I saw you,
I saw someone that I fell in love with.

But then I look beneath the surface,
You are truly just the serpent,
Begging me to eat your forbidden fruit.
kerri Mar 30
my cold fingertips touching my new word,


still fresh,
raised from the skin,
a reminder of what i’m not,
what i wish i was,
what i could never be
kerri Mar 30
i haven’t thought of my blade in a while
it used to be a part of me
my ghost limb, i’d joke to myself
always within arms length

i remember it’s resting place
the temptation to wake it up coursing through me
my arms throbbing
my thighs itching

the words i want to carve into myself running through my mind
false idol

i need to feel something other than despair
kerri Mar 29
please make the hurt stop
i was never yours
you were never mine
why is this pain here?
why doesn’t anything good ever stay?
when can i finally evaporate?
kerri Mar 26
“Depression is just a phase all teenagers go through!”
“You’ll grow out of it!”
“It gets better!”

When does it get better?
7 years running,
I’m still as miserable as ever.
But now I have more than depression.
What more mental issues do I have to look forward to?
It’s never gotten better.
Just worse.
kerri Mar 21
I long to taste the sunshine in my mouth again.
But seeing you had only brought me seething pain.
I’ll never forget what you have done to me.
Erase all of your messages and just leave me be.

It’s taking me too long to be okay.
Get out of my mailbox and just stay away.
Stop sending me your demons and your darkness.
Your disregard for feelings is too heartless.
Happy World Poetry Day!
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