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Christian Ek  Jul 2014
The Pit
Christian Ek Jul 2014
The band starts playing at a ***** and crowded backyard.
Rebellious youth gather to cast their vote with the stomping of their doc martin boots.
Beer cans everywhere, everyone's trying to let loose the raw stranglehold their society has produced.
The guitars go off and the ritual begins.
First they assemble in the heart of the pit.
In the center individual tragedies bring fourth the wrath of a God's army.
Anarchy you call it, Ha! I call it reassurance, reassurance that this anger is surely communal.

I never saw it more clearer, the youth's power to resist: If the government wont hear us, we will create our own sound even under the batons of fascism, we spit on your rule, your control of our art.

We wont bow down to a law with our names written all over it, while another politician walks free from corruption.
While another officer guns down an un armed child and calls it self-defense.
While suspicious mass shootings continue to occur and mass cameras grow in recording.
While you send more people off to war for another countries resources.
These thoughts explode out of me into shoves, screams, ****** cuts, reckless behavior, and then finally release. Pure psychiatric release.


The nur-see tain't weetchin'

Shh, don't look around
they don't see if you don't look around...


That one,
is okay, he's mowin' the lawN with his hands,
and smiling...


wait a, no, wait, no, wait, no, wait...



I've got to cup my *****, cupping my ***** makes me feel safe.

wait, no, wait, no, wait, no wait...


Moments Before  Jul 2018
Moments Before Jul 2018
_ Lit fire down where we all gave up caring
It flickers at the bugs and snaps with our words _
<en-nan nin nin en-nan et dan>
It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
             COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!
It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
...a pen, a floor, A CAGE,
             It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
ON THE FLOOR, down you go-oo,
            It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

Caught in, caught in, caught-up again,
            It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

It's the Bra-Hi STOMP!

           It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

ON THE FLOOR, down you go-oo,
            It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
<musical break>
It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
             COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!

It's the Bra-Hi STOMP!

<fade out>
A slow lead-in to a longer heavy metal jam. 'Bra' southern slang for brother so, "Brother I Stomp."
In a room full of people

I’ve never felt more alone

All the lousy chatter

Never seemed so quiet

My insides full of sorrow

Yet a deep empty pit dominates my soul
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Why is little Musa working in these diamond dirt pits,
Digging from sunset to sundown
Where are the laws that protect children 's rights,
Why is he left unsupervised working on his own?
Struggled from early childhood with all his strengths
Now he can hardly stand because of damaged vertebrates
To know the number of free hours he worked, do the maths
Yet some lucky girl somewhere celebrates.
How can he labor as a slave when he's just a boy?
How can Musa smile when he has no joy?
How can he run when he has no legs,
Who will speak for him knowing he has no voice?
How can the opportunity box be opened without the keys
How can the world do nothing about his demise,
Especially when to stay alive he has to work for food?
How can he locate hope if he can't see,
How can celebrities adorn diamonds with bad blood,
How can this possibly be?
If I can lend my pen to help every child slave working,
Then my life on earth is worth living.

We all have a moral obligation to stop child slavery.
Ed C  May 8
The Tar Pit
Ed C May 8
It's a strange thing to look inside yourself
and see darkness, black oil bubbling
with animal feathers floating,
drowning  in the thick.
I feel like a well, with nothing but depth
with no one to pull me out, no rope
to even hang myself with.
When you sit in the darkness
with wings too sticky to fly out
you see faces and reflections
that take your mind and stretch it
into unrecognizable shapes.
I am stuck in the oil
of my compressed stress.
I have been having incredibly dark thoughts
Eva Aloezos Sep 2018
I know christians are wrong,
simply by the fact they believe “jesus gives you what you can handle”

15 year olds hanging themselves
pregnant ****** users
child ****
the complete desecration of vietnam
the corruption
the list is endless

as George Carlin once said

“These are the type of results you’d expect from an office temp with a bad attitude....I’m not impressed”
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