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Veda Laurenski Jul 2020
Dreams we dream of you and me.
Dreams, a song we sing.
You dreamed our cottage by the sea
And a meal after a swim.

I promise I’ll come home for tea.
And a *** to cook it in.
It has a lifetime guarantee
And recipes for chicken.

Dreams we dream of you and me
Dreams a day of rest.
Paradise a prophecy
Two lovers manifest.
Veda Laurenski May 2020
History could hold
Clues to the mystery of
The mind and its way.

Take a moment to
Spend time in the memory
Of the day before.
Veda Laurenski Mar 2020
Your heart will always beat,
With or without my love.

But only you could have shown me
Where I can touch it.

The fifth intercostal space,
Beneath your ****** line.

This sacred place under your breast,
The apex of your beautiful heart.

Now when I find my own,
I can only think of you.
We lay in bed.
She showed me all of her pulses.
And let me touch her heart.
Veda Laurenski Feb 2020
I am so full,
Little laughs burst out of my mouth
And skips hop from my feet
Twinkles sparkle out of my eye
And happy sighs
I am so full
Kisses escape my lips
And loving words tumble out
My lungs contain shouts
Of excitement.
I am so full
I’m fat with love
For you.
On the 22/02/20 She said she loves me.
And I said I love her too.
She said I want to give this a go, but take it slow
And so I guess we’re together now.
Veda Laurenski Feb 2020
Am I drunk? Or are,
Oxytocin, dopamine
Coursing through my brain?
Veda Laurenski Feb 2020
If Love is only
Some chemicals in my brain,
This brings me comfort

Proof that Love exists,
Does not reduce its meaning,
Just the opposite.
Veda Laurenski Feb 2020
Shutting down so we can rest
Sweet R.E.M dreams.
Veda Laurenski Jan 2020
The quiet hum and midnight darkness
Cool and contained you sit, sealed tight.
Cool air on my face and there you are
Illuminated in the blue fridge light

I roll and turn you in my hands
And hold your glass up to my cheek
Vinegar stings my fingertips,
But the brine is salty and the onions sweet

I replace the lid and seal the jar
I place you back with care
Until my lips taste you again,
I’ll remember you there.
Veda Laurenski Feb 2020
When I told you
I had looked up the time of the sunset and the point that was scored when everyone cheered.
                       When we first kissed because I was sure
                        It was at the same moment.

You told me that
You had searched medical record for the date and time
Of the patient you saw
                      When we met that first time.
                      Because you needed to know.
Veda Laurenski Feb 2020
When I look at you
My Occipital Lobe makes
My pupils dilate
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