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Nekhbet Hermit Jun 2019
Darkness Lingers Everywhere, in a smile, bared teeth.
It is cloaked in friendliness; a hand across the small of your back.
It presses forward with the guise of social incognizance,
A simple misunderstanding; It’s not a big deal.
Take your hands off me!
Darkness treads on broken promises and crashes through boundaries.
Darkness has a face, but it’s neither here or there.
He’s everywhere.
There’s a rage inside of me, that threatens to tear through my skin.
Anger will be my salvation.
Anger will turn a quivering hand into a fist.
My body speaks when words fail me.
Clenched tight.  Flailing widely.
Who dares to enter these hallowed grounds?
And act like they own the place.
Eddie Apr 2019
I love you.
My heart screamed for you alone from the moment we first drew breath.
How can you not see what I would do for you?
You're so beautiful.
I only wish to show you that.
Seeing you in the morning sets my soul afire.
The other girls i've been with, they are nothing.
Nothing, to what I see in you.
I long to hold you in my arms, keep you close.
Never let you go.
You don't seem to understand, the clothes I've bought for you, yes they may be a little..uh..skimpy but trust me!
You'll look great in them!
Declined offer after declined offer, you reject my advances.
Do I smell?
No, I'm sure you're just being too polite and would rather not waste my time.
I know I'm a great guy, but you're a great gal.
We're two of a kind, you and I.
It's so amazing that I met the love of my life right here at work.

I know I've been a little pushy, following you home,
but It's only to make sure you make it home alright.
Maybe I did find your number in the phone book and send you one..maybe 100 texts and calls, but it's only because I love you.
Why don't you see that?
I've done so much for you, and yet you throw it all away.
Is there something wrong with you?
Stop being such a ******* ***** and give in!

Oh, I see how it is.
I bet you're having *** with any guy you can, making sure to pass around all the STDs i'm sure you have.
I may be a ******, but it's because I'm saving it for the right person.
Unlike you.
You're so disgusting.
A nice guy like me is so much better off without an ugly **** like you.

Wow, really dodged a bullet there, amiright?
I hope all those "nice guys" out here get a chance to read this poem. You truly are ugly on the inside. each and every one of you.
How often it is to fall in love
With someone who hurts you
It's easy to say, just leave them
It will hurt less I assure you
They say nice guys finish last
And girls fall for bad boys
What happens when you fall in love
With someone you couldn't avoid?
When friendship is what led you
To a love that runs too deep
Enough to confuse your heart
And give you the inability to sleep
When you fall for the nice guy
Don't misinterpret his words
He won't lie or mistreat you
And that is why it hurts
His kind actions will displease you
His kind words will give you hope
His kindness is what you love and hate
He makes it harder for you to cope
When he breaks your heart with hugs
When he stabs it with kind gestures
When you cannot leave or it will hurt him
And the last thing you want, is his discomfort
There comes a point when being with him
Is like a slow suffocating suicide
A reverse abusive relationship
One too difficult to leave behind
GfS May 2015
He* sees her today, anxious but with excitement
With a heart so ready, he waits for the right moment
He comes to her with a happy greeting
For it has been long since their last meeting
She seems him, and greets with a "Hi"
He was so happy, he literally could fly
He was so happy, but could not express
For his love was never confessed
A friend, she calls him. A close one at that
A best friend, a brother he was to her
He has been there for her, every moment before that
But with no knowledge of the love he offers
For years, he was trying for the right moment
But could not, because *another guy
loves her
In fairness, the other guy was better, intelligent and street smart
Though, it bothers him why she doesn't like the guy as much
Why does she treat the guy as such?
As he loves her so
He can't, because the other guy loves her
He knew the other guy loves her
So, he let him go first, and he confessed
So now they're together, leaving him in the ice
Just because he was too nice.
Sometimes, it's not nice being nice

— The End —