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Ezra Yelverton Apr 2019
it’s beautiful, really.
the manner which
wind creates waves
that reshape the earth
beneath the ocean.

the earth is shattering
below our feet
and we’re moving too
quickly to feel it.
stand still.
new land is forming.
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
The fibers of energy,
Meshing together forming strength itself,
The muscles of the bear,
The frog,
Or the snake,
All look the same as mans,
It seems biology,
Is our great equalizer.

MU May 2017
ARABIC comes from feeling...
We feel emotions and form them into words
We form words to make us feel emotions comes from forming...
A sacred oath between words and emotions.
A devine circle between action and reaction.
The Arabic word for poetry is "****'ir" which comes from "Yash'ur". It means feeling.
Poetry comes from the Greek word 'poiesis' which means making or forming. Its interesting that both words describe poetry by pointing to the different ends of it.

— The End —