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Anonymous Freak Jun 2019
Summer solstice in a dark
Basement kava bar.
An army of drums
Rolling my brain around
In an intoxicated blur.

There are things no one understands
Hiding in me.

Made of a foreign Fiji beverage
That makes your tongue numb.
Hanging glass tubes
Filled with feathers and herbs.
A bar,
A traditional toast,
A friendly conversation.

I hide myself
In the blue walls,
Mimic the gold designs
Until I disappear.
It’s hard to be anywhere,
Hard to forget,
But I’m here.
Kieran Messer Jun 2019
Pray we for the sun:
Vivid, shining warmly.
We'll chase the everlasting day,
As the sun entraps us in its rays.

No clocks and no watches.
No nocturne shall be feared.
Forever doesn't matter now;
Time doesn't matter anyhow.
Happy summer solstice, everyone!

(Apologies to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, as chances are you're reading this in the dark right now.)

— The End —