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little lion Oct 2020
I want to come out.
I want to walk out and slam the door behind me
with whatever variation of a rainbow flag
billowing in the wind as I walk past.

I want to be out.
I want to be me and do so shamelessly
without fear of judgement or dislike
from people who may disagree

I wish I was out.
But I don't even know what I am
I want be yours and yours alone,
but there's no flag for that

I wish I was yours...
you have my mind and body and soul
but I'm just here on the side,
because you are still hers.
I wish you would choose me.
Haylin Sep 2020
Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm sorry you had to go.
It wasn't fair, but I understand.
Your happiness was just as important to me
as my own.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I hope you're doing well.
Never will I wish ill upon you,
no matter how much I wish I hate you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm crying on the floor.
My sadness is a black hole trying to **** me into myself.
I miss you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm wearing the makeup that you hated.
I do what I want.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
You gave me hope that you would come back to me.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I realized that I never needed you to love me.
I realized that I was right here to do it for you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I look back fondly on our time together.
I will always love you.
But you left, and please never look back.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
One day you'll find a girl better than me.
I hope she makes you happy.
Its been 9 months since we broke up. When he broke up he was straight and mono. Now he's pansexual and poly.
Aseel Jun 2020
It’s an illusion
For someone to drag you
Out of your confusion
To watch you smoking
And find it amusing

It’s an illusion
Your soulmate
The perfect half
the one to wipe your tears
And draw a laugh

It’s an illusion
To find someone
Who doesn’t want to change you
Accept you as you
Just you
Without making of you, someone new.
Rylie Lucas May 2020
In a time I can't remember
There was nothing but dark

Then you arrived
A sun to light up my world
Water to keep me alive

You were sweet like honey
With the right amount of sour
To keep things interesting

I made a mistake

I told you who I am

You may be supportive, sure
But you'd never change
For someone, you claimed to love

I was tossed aside
While you ventured out
For you next conquest

How could you
Someone as broken as me
Break me even more?
Don't come out of the closet to everyone :)
Mayara Giorno May 2020
I am a woman

I am a woman
who loves women
who loves men

I hate that I get confused
I hate that I act differently
depending on whom I’m with.

My name is Mayara Deo
I have a shaved head
I wear man jeans
I spread when I sit

And I rather prefer to be called masculine
than feminine

I love my female body
I feel **** in bikinis
I feel **** in boxers
But I feel observed
         preyed on
         & harassed in bikinis.

I am a woman
I do have a ******

I hate being told that I am not a man.

I hate that I still confuse
my identity
my sexuality
my being

for the sake of society’s expectations of
of whom I should be.

I crush on guys

I crush on girls

I have loved a man

I have loved a woman

And if one day
I love a person
I hope to marry them.

I hate labels
**** stereotypes

I ******* hate that they’re ingrained.

I hate not being considered
a manly-woman

a womanly-man.

My name is Mayara Deo
I am a person

And I want a person
to fall in love with my mind.

I don’t care to bear children
I do want kids
I want to always have a career
I want to care for my home.

I want to be seen as an equal

I want to feel comfortable
wearing a suit on date
with a man.

I want to feel comfortable holding my girlfriend’s hand

For I want to feel valued
as myself.

**** all men

**** all women

who choose to not understand

why I feel so confused:

It’s because of you.
Gracie Apr 2020
I know who I am
And I'm not sorry for that
What's troubling is where your head is at
Who cares if I'm with a woman or man
Whether or not they have a **** in there pants
What matters is how our souls attract
How we fit like a puzzle with no doubt that we match
Its not like I suddenly changed
Its still me not a creature so strange
I understand its not something you planned
I am who I am
And I can't change on your command
I wrote this the night I came out to my family and was proceeded to be lectured on how I was going to hell. This was what I repeated to myself that night as I fell asleep.
I wrote my life in vain as it has
always been that way
I just was looking for less pain so I did things to go numb
I know I was dumb as I knew what was going to come
I sat on the edge of my bed inhaling to relieve my pain
I really thought this time things were not going to end up the same
Tess M Nov 2019
there was only ever
she was my saving
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