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Vish Jul 3
To my sweetest bae,
Our love shines brighter than the sun’s ray,
Never a dull moment when your message comes my way,
Because you’re on my mind every night and day

You’re my sunshine in the rain,
A fit of laughter when I’m in pain,
A shot of oxytocin in my brain,
Something from which I cannot refrain

I see you in my dream,
Where happiness is flowing in a stream,
And luminous light shines through a beam,
You and I,
We make a great team

I love you more than you know,
Like flowers blooming in the snow,
Together we help each other grow,
Without you where do I even go?

My darkest days have turned into sand,
With you holding my hand,
Our journey may twist and bend,
But I promise I’ll be with you till the end
I love you
Zoe Grace Jun 2
I am Pansexual
No, that does not mean i am romantically or sexually attracted to kitchenware.
It means, simply, that:
I like boys
I like girls
I like everything other and in between.
I will support you and love you
No matter what you want to express yourself as.
You do you.
You are amazing.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I just wanted to say this <3 Happy Pride Month everybody ♡♡♡
Kay-Rosa Apr 26
i dont care if you're
purple with scales on your cheeks (all of them)
with green and red eyes
turquoise toes and burgundy feet
i dont care if you're
fingers are nonexistent
and your left hand shakes when you say "grocery store"
i would still love you even if you
had claws for hair and a
twenty-three foot hairy, green
tentacle hanging between your legs.
I think I'm an interesting alien. And these were actual shower thoughts that hit me along with 'are teeth bones, and if they are, they're the only bones you clean' and 'since your voice sounds better to you than it actually does, imagine how *insert human with amazing voice* voice sounds to them'.
I'm genuinely weird.
What's the deal with binaries?
Such pinhole lens.
If you feel wrong, then,
ask yourself, Who's standing
in my salt circle?

What's the deal with sorting hats?
So limited.
If you feel out of place,
ask yourself, Who's speaking
to my lowest disgrace?

You knew as well I as I did
this catalytic event would happen.
For only so long, can you grind
your face in the acceleration,
before you ****
with the aperture, then         what?

Great opening, come to closing,
Let's love.
Great opening, come to closing,
Let's love.

The alpha myth dispensary, dead,
I see you running free, safely packed.
Mr. Wolf, I want         some of that!
Jo Nov 2018
You're not like the other girls I've loved
Your laugh is like the embodiment of summer
Warm weather and flowers blooming
Two girls with sun kissed skin and strawberry lips, that's us
Please don't ever go away my love
I don't think I could stand it if you did
Another repost from my old account
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
the first time i held hands with a girl
my heart raced faster
she was my best friend
she came over to my house
we sat outside
under a blanket
and our fingers were intertwined together
back then, i didn't know what sexuality was

the first time i knew i liked a girl
was in 8th grade
she had dark brown hair
then cut it really short
she was so beautiful
it was hard to breathe
it was only a silly little crush

the first time i kissed a girl
was on a dare
we were talking about kissing
and i said
"i've always wanted to kiss a girl"
and so we did
and every time we saw each other
we kissed
it was a fun silly joke

the first girlfriend i ever had lasted only a week
but we held hands at school
and we really liked each other
but i was too afraid

the first time i knew i was really into girls too
was in a grocery store
and a good-looking guy walked past
but i didn't really feel anything
this girl was walking behind him
and she smiled at me
and my heart raced faster than it ever has

the first time i asked a girl out was this year
it didn't end well
but it's not really that hard
to ask a girl
if she likes girls too
and i knew i could do it again

the first time i knew i wanted a girlfriend
wasn't too long ago
i just wish i had the nerve
to ask more girls out
and just have fun
before i started the rest of my life

the first time i knew what sexuality was
i knew there was always something different about me
and i figured it out later on

i'm pansexual. deal with it.
Nicole Tracii Nov 2018
According to A: There’s no way I can be straight because I’ve dated a girl.
According to B: I’m way too straight to ever be in to girls.
According to C: That one girl I dated was just a phase.
According to D: It was just “experimentation” or “curiosity” totally natural.
According to E: I’m the token straight.
According to F: I’m to pretty to be into girls.
According to G: I don’t even look like I could be ***.
According to H: I’m just saying I’m not straight for attention.
According to I: My feelings don’t mean anything.
According to J: OBVIOUSLY I’m bisexual, why don’t I understand?
According to K: I’m just easy.
According to L: I’m only pretending to be into girls for male attention.
According to M(e): ….

What about according to me?
clearly everyone else’s opinions are the only ones that matter when it comes to my ****** preferences
Do you remember when you thought you loved me?

The confused expression on my face must’ve been disheartening

I didn’t understand
You were so beautiful
So smart
So absolutely amazing

I was just a girl
Riddled with scars
Afraid of failure
I had already burnt out

It killed me when I realized
You weren’t in love

You were exposed to so many unattainable expectations

It wasn’t love
It was hope of love
Hope of at least meeting expectations

You were already flying above expectations, my dear

I love you
Critisizm is welcome, I want to get better. Just don’t be unnecessarily mean please.
Emerson Nosreme Sep 2018
What is the cost of loving you, sir?
A slap, or two, or three or four?
Even more than that
If I tip my hat
Can we make that none?

What is the cost of loving you, dearie?
I can see you're asking for quite a lot of money from me.
Can we make that none?

What is the cost of loving you, Ma Chérie?
Another lover, but one who I think
Is not your lover?
Can we make that none?

What is the cost loving you, sweetheart?
You're not so sweet I see
If you want to beat me
Like eggs in a cup
Shattered, bleeding
Can we make that none?

What is the cost of loving you, handsome?
Some hate, not from you.
But from bystanders.
rebecca Sep 2018
Forbidden love for her keeps me awake
I lie in bed and dream about her eyes
How they sparkle and cause my heart to break
All I can do is let breathe another sigh.

I want to hold her lovely hand in mine
Lie with her on the grass underneath the stars
and kiss her lips until the end of time
It is a shame Venus must go with Mars

The one who made the world condemns my sin
Maidens must only love a lord or king
In this world, I can't love, nor can I win.
I don’t desire a straight, arranged wedding,

but if my love for her is horribly wrong
Then why is my love for her so strong?
Last year, my English teacher made us write sonnets, and I wrote this. Let me know what you think!
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