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jigyasa Apr 2021
life is an equation.

not a simple y = mx + b curve

rather one with countless variables
leading to one solution with each combination

think about it.

what I call variables, philosophers would call free will
and albeit a select number of variables are within our control
hundreds of others are not

if you find yourself stuck
with a conclusion you deem incorrect
or a development you know can't be the answer
always remember that your input controls the output

change the variables within your control
jigyasa Apr 2021
creases streak the mandarin squares
cool crisp paper that reminds me of
the way
you fold your collars right out of the dryer
the way
you tuck loose strands behind my left ear when I'm not looking

"when will you stop folding origami, silly goose,
the window sills are full of these little birds you make."

your inquiry about my little ritual
makes me beam as I know in my heart

I will fold a crane
with the glimmery glory of each sunrise,
the light being as constant in my life
as your love

900 little cranes smile back at me
jigyasa Mar 2021
Had I known yesterday was the last time
That I’d ever speak to you
I would’ve put your arms around my waist
Pressed my face into your collarbone
Closer and closer

Until my alar cartilage bled
And your ulna snapped  
A subtly violent fusion
That would still hurt less than you walking away
jigyasa Mar 2021
you wanna know something
if you gotta feel pain
go ahead and ******* feel it

sit with it
map it out like a small town
navigate down every street and alley
name the roads
pin the monuments
become the ******* mayor

let it rip through you
like wails and gusts of wind
or relentless waves pushing you out to sea
an unknown ocean
making a skilled sailor

as all emotions
pain is a colour in the palette
of human emotion
one that transforms us
remolds us
rebirths us

so ******* own it
jigyasa Mar 2021
days were built from hours and minutes
throughout these months
i crave you like a cactus yearns water
knowing only arid realities
of the wistful desert

what a beautiful trance you have been
flooding my monotone dreams
with a rainbow of colors
saturating my mind

would show you such kindness
if only you'd show up for it
a homage to the hydration
you made me feel

but this has been nothing but a mirage
and now I'm parched
jigyasa Oct 2020
wisps of smoke
coil from incense

been in anguish
since we last spoke

his amorphous presence
left me breathless
i gasp for air
i choke

yet your fragrance lingers
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