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Grace Jan 2021
All of us are born.
Some live; others just exist.
We all die; some are.
Part 6 of Her Haiku's

We are all born. Some of us die before the heart stops beating, that is what I tried to capture in the last line.
Zack Ripley Sep 2020
Live your life.
Because no one
can live your life for you.
And when you dream a dream,
Don't abandon it. Embrace it.
Because only you
can make your dream come true.
Valmir Zimberi May 2020
Inside my four walls, ****** in by the dark
I can taste the sorrow that is eating up my heart
I feel so lonely that it hurts my eyes
Maybe it is time for my mouth, to stop telling me these lies.

I have to stop believing you're in love
Because I keep hitting myself with boxing gloves
I have to stop this rain of bullets
And start living my life to the fullest.
unhealthy relationships, get out it is not good for anyone.
Elle Dhani Dec 2019
If a lie lies within flies,
where would it hide and why?

If a man is stan of tan,
why would he not mend?

In a life full of berries,
sometimes we take more of cherries

We chose silence between resilience,
that even nobles defeats from their own science

Here, we stand on our feet,
we carry our belongings,
we cry even if no one wants to listen,
we smile in the belief of life is beauty,
we sleep because life is both strength and health

We think of laughter and sorrow,
the vows,
the future of future generations,
even nature’s life

We have come to an end,
whether we resume to feel love and give love

This all remains,
all the beauty of life,
is in the map of God’s hand,
where we choose to plot good and bad
This poem was part of my final project.
Aihara Sep 2018
From a distance, fade and keep fadin
the palm of our shaky hands touched the cold mirror
There is no stopping the halt of  the creeping disassociation
Identity, stripped away like the distant memories of the future
who's there , why you are always there , Do we know each other?

Love me, I did well
Hold me, in your light
take me, to your future

There's no way,
I know no such person,
There's no way, that you are me.

I rather die than being seen
And you know I wanna be seen
The reason to quietly sobbing in the stalls
The exact reason to be that perfect, wholesome guy
I guess I'm just a very sensitive person. I felt the pain of the late Jonghyun , Chester , Tim. The reason why they did what they did. But I also felt the pain losing them.
Miss Jasmin Aug 2015
I knew that everyone is handed
one chance
to experience this world
as it spins in the darkness of space,
but more importantly I knew
that you only get
so many spins.
Simon Woodstock Mar 2015
Everyone's leaving in September
Welcome to the month of departure
Where everyone leaves you alone
Sitting in your arm chair

January they start to pack
and August is to pack until
SNAP! their gone just like that
No looking back and your still sitting motionless
As life passes you by

— The End —