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I've seen such beauty before
The sun shining into her hair
The breath froze in the air
As I looked into her eyes
For her soul was cold as ice

Blinded by the golden mane
But that wasn't your smile nor your name
She just wasn't you

I shall not see her like again
But then I saw you
Simple uniqueness of a rising flame
Above beauty and lust
It is just you

A hope, a promise of light
Drowned me into the delusion 
That the blaze will never fade
Yet here comes the night
Unable to see the mistakes I made
Bound to wonder in confusion

And maybe a new one shall blind my heart
But she won't have your smile nor your name
She won't be you

She just won't be you
Moeshfiekah Jan 2018
For you I would kiss poetry
In a world so loud and poisoned
Let me take to a place where we
Would roam free.
It's about how words could impact a,single soul.
How it could help even the people in the worst of situations. No matter where in this world. Because even in a world of constant destruction. Just That single person could take you away from it all.
Jen Jo Sep 2014

You remind me of my dreams and visions that have you included.
Now they're just there.
Part of the air I breathe into everyday.

It hurts to tear them off.
It hurts, too, to breathe them in.
In my dreams, you're gentle and sweet.
Jen Jo Sep 2014

Something mysterious about you that hunts me.
Something pathetic about the way your eyes shine when  you look straight at me.
I love your eyes. The way you smile, the way you viciously mock.

— The End —