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Aug 2019
Love do you know
You're the only one
I want to hold
The only one

I don't wanna stare
Into an others eyes
Don't wanna touch their hair
Don't wanna burn in a colder fire

I only want you
You and only you
Your eyes in perfect hues
You're my highs and my blues
You and only you

I don't wanna hold another girls hand
I don't wanna sit up the back in the cinema
With someone who can't understand

Because you make me feel like I'm flying
You wash away all my sorrow
When you turn to me smiling
In a moment you wash it all to tomorrow

So far away
That it doesn't matter
When I'm with you
Nothing else matters

It's just us two
It's all that matters
Just us
Far away
From the madness and the pain
In our own place
Where no one else can find us

Just us
love you so much
I can't have you can I
Charlie McMahon
Written by
Charlie McMahon
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