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A May 2018
People talk about Tornado Alley,

The part of the U.S where I live.
They act like tornadoes touch down every week in May through October,
Like storms go through every other week.
Like everyone’s not scared and they’re always calm.

The truth is,
Tornado Alley’s not like that.

Tornado Alley is worrying
When a tornado touches down only five miles from your house,
Your family’s in the basement,
Wondering if everything’s all right,
And if your house will be damaged.

Tornado Alley is praying a storm will pass,
The ever-looming threat of a supercell,
Swirling clouds above your roof,
The sky a nasty green and purple.

Tornado Alley is taking everything you have for granted,
Then being scared when it’s threatened.

Tornado Alley is knowing tornadoes exist,
But being thankful that you’re not in San Francisco,
Or Hawaii, Florida, the coasts.

Tornado Alley is flat plains and wide open spaces,
Not being afraid of a storm,
But of what lurks when the beginning is over.
Chloe Apr 2018
The teacher strike has been going on for 5 days. We can’t keep school out any longer without extra summer days. Mary Fallin has funded each student half a textbook and said teachers are asking for too much “like teenagers wanting a better car”. In this essay I will...
empty seas Apr 2018
the wind roars
with patches of rain
covering cracked sidewalks
it was warm this spring morning
perfect for a picnic
or walking your hyper dog
but now the warmth is smothered by rain
and there's even a freeze warning tonight
so I guess
I'll be staying inside
and that's alright
refresh mesh Feb 2018
Kiss The Officer

Good luck. Duty calls
for which she is paid
in lone righteousness,

I'm afraid. Patrol
clean towns with sidewalks
Not To Be Slept On

while more sweet piglets
snort through the mundane,
saving for Swine Week.

North High wrestler:
baby molester.
All those wasted prayers.

Courage emerges
among the new ash
of my burning brain.
refresh mesh Feb 2018
dreamed that Current studio hired me
to design
a walkthrough of a ceiling-high,
openly grinning,  paper mache pig's head:
the stable's entrance to tiny pens
packed with caged (paid)
human children
who passed out tiny buttons
enscribed with varying notes:

Please Help
They Did Not Ask Me
I Don't Want To Die
Can You Find My Mom?
I Can Do Math In My Head
Eat More Monkeys
Please Save Us
I Don't Want To Die

But it was an unpopular exhibit
The Oklahoman would not report it
The Gazette managed a story on page 9
Yet advertised Cane's Chicken on page 5

Rattlesnake Roundup is just a few weeks
And I have no clue how I could possibly
The value of wild
The degree of their
Tyler Zuniga Dec 2017
i’m better off gone.
so far that i cannot connect
so far that i cannot find
my mind.
for in fact,
i am a wanderer,
adrenaline addict
drug fiend.

do not get my wrong when i say i am better off gone.

away and untamable.

drifting across the oklahoma wind,
just as violent and atrocious.
Andre Vrdoljak Sep 2017
Lightning over Oklahoma
But I'm breathing the cold night air
As I ache from growing younger
I'd live forever to get there
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
They are a good team
They come in like a thunder
Storm they play with all their
Heart they go out like
A thunder storm
Oklahoma thunder
Oklahoma thunder
They might win some games
They might lose some games
But they are a wonderful team
Oklahoma thunder
Players play like a team they
Will always be my 2 favorite
NBA team my first favorite
NBA team are Denver nuggets
Oklahoma thunder
© Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
They are a awesome team
Oklahoma cowboys
Oklahoma cowboys
They are my 2 favorite
College foootball team
They might lose some
Games or wins some
Games but they will
Always be my 2 favorite
College football team my
First favorite collage football
Team is the Colorado state
University rams
© Amanda Kay Hill
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