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I'm in a relationship
with coffee ☕  

He's the strong silent
type always listens.

Trying to make
me feel better,

With his warm
morning smell
when the sunrises.

He has a strong
scent of grounds
that wake up your

Morning talks
of peace  always
clam me down,

When I smell his
warm soothing brew.

I love you
Coffee ☕ and
I hope to never
leave thee.

All rights and
Copyright belongs to

I love and I'm in a relationship with coffee ☕
Hate tries
to pretend
to be love,

That's what
we call blind
love that isn't
love at all.

I was the one
that didn't leave,

Many said it
wasn't abuse but
it was...

When he cusses
you out puts you
down belittling

Makes jokes
that are meant
as bullying and
says I'm joking,

This is hatred
bullying emotional

When he tells
you that nothing
you do is right...

When he blames you for
all his faults and never
takes responsibility.

And he makes
one think he's done
nothing wrong that
you're the abuser,

This is emotional
abuse of a narcissist
he never loved you

Scars of emotional
abuse are hidden inside
of you,

He tries to
destroy you
as a person,

It's survival of
the fittest and
healing of your
soul and mind.

Never accept abuse
bullying hatred or
domestic violence,

Fight for your life
and leave no matter
how scary it is.

Because it could
be your last breath
you breathe on earth.

Be a Advocate
for emotional abuse
domestic violence
and all bullying,

Stop the violence
Stop the hatred of
abuse on women
children and everyone.

All rights and
Copyright belongs to


Someday I'm going
to be an Advocate
for emotional abuse
for others that were
blind to what love

And abuse isn't
Love and loved ones
don't want to destroy
us ones that truly
care won't, not even
real friends
I'm a survivor of Emotional abuse
and I write to help others that maybe
experiencing it and I some day will
be a positive Advocate for emotional
abuse for women men and children.
She walks
with Indian

Walking upon
streets of noisy

She walks upon
flaming gowns
of morning Sun

All rights and
Copyright belongs to

Inspired by a beautiful
picture of Indian shoes
and her walking.
Words do not echo.
Words do not cry.
Words do not,

Scrambled and stirred,
Frozen and baked.
Pulled when needed,
Eaten to be fed.

Pieced together,
Black or white,
Laugh or fight,
Wrong or right.

A sound is bound by key,
A picture by color pigments,
Emotions chemically,
But words contain,
And absolutely,

The same word
Can be
Depending who, what, how
When it was read
Or written.

What if every word,
Was positive in meaning?
Could not
Destroy feelings.

Words have no senses.
Words have no bounds.
No touch, sight, taste, or smell.
Words have no sound.

Words have no sound.
Unless read aloud.
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