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ultraviolet Feb 27
I wanted to send a picture of the sky tonight.
Cause I missed saying "look, how pretty!"
-  I miss saying those words to you.

But I didn't.
Even when the sky reminded me of you,
You no longer need to know.

And I miss you.
ultraviolet Feb 8

You're still here.
You are here.
ultraviolet Oct 2022
We can always go on the rooftop, it's so high, we'll practically be part of the sky.

My right hand on yours, a soda on the other, we'll let the world sleep under our feet.

Everything will be right in its place, every pain will end in its own pace
We'll be alright.
We are going to live just fine.
ultraviolet Jul 2022
We need to stop believing in the idea that peace requires forgiveness -- especially not for those who were hurt the most.

Cut people off of your circle if they no longer fit.
ultraviolet May 2022
Always start with the piece that makes the most sense.
ultraviolet Mar 2022
Maybe, you should've tried harder.
Harder for her not to have any reasons at all.

Try again. Fail again, better.
ultraviolet Mar 2022
we won't know how many birthdays we had until the last one.
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