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Kleigh Mar 21
You are my favorite song
That can connect to my soul
The more I listen to you
My heart falls and I never knew

I follow every beat of my heart
A pleasing melody in any part
My body dance in your own rhythm
You're like a lyrics full of meaning

We're like a song has to end
It's not sad or tragedy fate
Just like my first love song
I will love you even you'll not last long
First love never dies
Kleigh Feb 18
Behind her smiles hides a story
A story that not known by many
Wearing her best mask is not easy
'cos underneath, her tears are falling
And pain is part of her living

A weakened self can't be able to fly
Because of her anxious mind that liquefy
That makes her stranded in death sea
Drawning in blood sweat and tears
Can't escape from island of her fears

Thoughts are overflowing
She over think about everything
Tired of all the things she's facing
She wonder if it's really worth living

Ain't happy neither sad
Just feelin' it bad
Being not good enough
Only can do is to be tough
And have faith in God
Life is not unfair if everything happen aren't of your will.
Kleigh Dec 2019
Clock is ticking
Being with you is worth living
You're like scenery, breathtaking
As I see you smile is like an art
A masterpiece in every part
Everyday, you keep me on falling

Clock is ticking
At first I deny it
Still can't say anything
'cos I'm afraid of confessing
If this feelings worth of fighting
Inside of me, I already screaming
Also doubt if it's worth of suffering

Clock is ticking
Our time is running
We're just chill and keep on going
I'm about to say my feelings
But it's too late to say
'cos you found your way
Your way to her that can make your day
It's about time not to say
I'll just keep and let this feeling fades away
Live with your love without regrets
Kleigh Sep 2019
When I see you in the screen
You make me scream
Your face is a tantalizing view
That wants me to paint a lovely you
You're my perfect prince
That I've wanted ever since
There is something that I felt
All the feelings that I've kept
Turns into painful tears I've wept
I exist, do you even know?
Or do you even see me, now?
I don't think you would like me
'cos I don't have a so called 'beauty'
I only have a genuine heart
Will you come and be my life's part?
Or left my heart and torn it apart
Loving you silently...
Kleigh Sep 2019
That day, you caught my eye
Looking for a reason why
One day, I saw you laugh
That makin' me fall in love
Today, you're the cause of my euphoria
You make me begin to feel this way
You're everything I wanted and more
You're the one I'm praying for
Hoping that I'll be your girl
But maybe not today

Even I will wait you forever
Nothing else matter
It'll help me to feel better
To live in your melody
Like an energizer of my body
I will dance every beat you make
Slay it, like a piece of cake
I will sing every song you sing
In every word make it shinning
Even I'm not with you from the start
Your music make us unite like an art
Supporting you is just a part
Even our distance far apart
I will love you until the last beat of my heart
Living loving you
Kleigh Feb 2019
I meet a star on earth
And we met like constellations
Can't describe his worth
It's hard to explain like mathematical equations
No one can be measure
'Cos he's like a galaxies' most precious

I love you all through eternity
To have infinity
To prove everlasting
In the end, I am just a dust and feel nothing

'Cos I fall too fast
That's why I crashed that harsh
Like a shooting stars
In a galaxy of broken hearts
To the man I gave my whole universe
Kleigh Dec 2018
In the world of reality
You are like a royalty
In a fairytale story
On our story, I'm a frog whose ugly
And you're a perfect prince charming
My life unexpected greatest blessing
Despite of what I am you still kiss me

Look on the mirror on the wall
You'll see a man admire by all
Who is lovely and white as snow
I never expect you'll love me more than I know

If fairy god mother really exist
I will thank her atleast
'Cos I have you more than an evening
And you find me even the glass shoe still missing
We live happily never after, as I wake up daydreaming
You're fantasy in my reality
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