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B Elizabeth G Aug 2023
I close my eyes. My hand held by the ones I love.

Suddenly, a fading of time occurs. I am warm, like I am wrapped up in a blanket that smells of mom's clean laundry. A Euphoric noise fills my inner ear, trickles into my head and down my face. There is a growing Light, like sunshine behind my sea salted eyelids.

And then, something cold and wet brushes my cheek. My eyes open. There you are wagging your tail before me. "You're home!" Your eyes whisper to me.

Heavy paws now on both my shoulders, your rough wet tongue cannot be controlled as you lick my face from chin to ear.

"I'm Home".
B Elizabeth G Apr 2020
Three Little Women were best friends from the start,

Even though they were two and four years apart.

Golden Brown locks, all three in a row,

All dressed alike, from their head to their toes.

The oldest was protective, a mothers right hand.

Next was a gentle wild child always in dreamland.

Last was the one who was giggly and small,

And looked up to her sisters that broke her every fall.

Three Little Women at play in grassy meadows.

A secret garden they made with dirt covered knees and elbows.

Bare foot in jeans is how they’d always be found,

Just happy to have the others old hand-me down.

Fireflies caught at dusk in a jar,

Their faces aglow as they wished upon a star.

They swung on their swings and sat down for tea,

And ran to the mailbox singing “Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free”.

Three Little Women would lay awake at night,

Telling stories and secrets in the glow of a night-light.

A room they did share with two big bunk beds,

And prayers said together before they’d rest their sweet heads.

Knick-knacks they’d exchange after doing their chores.

Makeovers and dress up were their favorites for sure.

American Girl Dolls, Barbie’s, and dresses,

Six tiny hands together making messes.

Three Little Women are little no longer,

All grown up and a friendship much stronger.

One day they will have little women of their own,

And once again they can enjoy what they once had outgrown.

Forever they will remain each other’s best friends,

Until their time together here on earth ends.

Nothing can shatter a bond so pure and true,

Sisters who love each other more than most sisters do.
B Elizabeth G Jan 2020
All it took was a song
filled with truth
and emotion so raw.
The key buried so deep in the sand,
it was long gone.
The chamber or her heart
that held all these words
locked away in a prison.
No visitors allowed.
Not even the warden can hear
   the screams of the poetry needing a
   pen to meet paper
so that all she is needing to hear
   herself say can be displayed
and the chains finally sawed away
with every haiku and verse.
The words to a song
filled with the meaning muffled
   by her own doubt,
found the lost treasure
   that opened the jailed poets cell.
writing ink to scroll,
blood to sleeve,
tear to cheek.
  Dec 2019 B Elizabeth G
i laugh at the irony
that love broke my heart.
B Elizabeth G Nov 2019
Time that's measured by forgetting you
Is something quite difficult to do.
For days can be years
And months can be seconds
From the day, out of my grip, you flew.
The wind whispered to the trees
Who sent messages in fallen leaves

The bluebell rang out the alarm
And the rabbits burrowed out of harm

The birds carried the message on a wing
Then the forest fell asleep until the spring
B Elizabeth G Oct 2019
See this place? This place right here?
This is the place I hold most dear.

A place for laughter, for love, for smiles.
A place to come and stay for a while.

Its rock and earth has hugged every toe
Of barefooted children who’ve come here to grow.

Every tree has been watered with each tear they’ve shed.
And the stones made for skipping hold their secrets, once said.

The wind whispers music the children dance to,
With skinned knees and elbows, and tangled hair-do’s.

Each hill tells a memory of moments gone to soon.
Like fireflies in a jar caught under a full moon.

See that place? That place right there?
It’s where cousins become friends and live without a care.

They run and they jump, they giggle and scream.
And with rolled up blue jeans, they splash in its stream.

Into the woods where they place make believe.
Where all the stars hold tight to every wish they receive.

This place is not just dirt, earth and tree;
It’s the best place on earth, the place that made me.

How about you? Does this place make you grin?
Do you feel what I feel when you breathe its air in?

That feeling is joy, peace, hope, and bliss.
It’s babes wild and free. Oh, this place I will miss.

See this place? This place right here?
This is the place my heart will always hold near.

~B. Elizabeth G.~
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