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Dinithi Perera Oct 2018
Walking down the aisle
You asked me
The reason I love you
It was very simple
But hard to understand
So here’s why I love you

The first day I saw you
Was the day I felt that I’m alive
The first time I saw you smiling
Was the time I felt my heart is smiling
The first time you looked at me
Was the first moment I felt butterflies
And I really wanted to say
Thank you for making me feel alive

Days turned to months
Months turned to years
And I’m still looking at you
Like the first time I saw you
That pink lips you always used to bite
The long curly hair that waved me off
I still remember
How I used to fell for you everyday

And now you’re mine and
I’m proud to say that
I want to scream to the world
Saying how much I love you
To say how I felt when you hug me every time
To say how cute you were when you were crying
To say how stubborn you were when you’re with me
And I loved the way you were
But I couldn’t say anything
As the seasons kept changing

One day I’ll write a story about our love
Where we planned our future
with so much effort
With so much love
But you left everything at the end
Even though you didn’t like sad endings
But I do understand you baby        more than myself
Because I knew
Situations brake the relationships

I know you were with me in every situation
But what’s meant to be will always happen at the end
And we weren’t meant for each other
Because I saw you smiling with him
But the thing he couldn’t understood was
The worsen up pain behind your smile
Where I understood even before you smile

And this is why I love you baby
Because I saw the love from your eyes
Then you whispered
“I love you higher than the sky”
And my heart skipped a beat
Remembering how I used to tell that to you everyday

That was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard in my life
Shattered dreams where it left painful memories
Now I’m faraway
All alone but you’re by my side
Because I carried all the memories we had
Keeping them all in my heart
Broken yet happy in his memories
  Sep 2018 Dinithi Perera
David Bryan
"Why don't you pursue her?", the moon asked.

"Because", the philosopher replied "she has given pieces of her heart to so many men. Her heart is all over the place."

After a long pause, the philosopher added, "I don't want just a piece. I want it whole."
Dinithi Perera Sep 2018
"I don't think you've felt real pain" he said.  She thought …

Its like every scar
has a cry of its own.
It aches with a scream when
you let it tear again.
And you can't sew them back
with any thread of works.

"No, I haven't " She replied.
Only a real heart can understand
Dinithi Perera Sep 2018
She thought for awhile
Blushing , she ran to the balcony
He was there with his bad smirk
She whispered
I fell in love with the way you touched me
Without using your hands
He was her everything
Dinithi Perera Sep 2018
I still remember
How we used to smile at weird things
How I used to cuddle into you
How much love you just had for me
I still remember
How you used to tell how much you love me
I love you higher than the sky
Those words were simple
But the meaning it has
Never will leave my heart
But now
Past and present
I'm stuck in here
Life and death
And what to choose
Moment of depression
Dinithi Perera Sep 2018
It was her fault
She knew it
But she didn't meant to do that
She had no option
Things changed as time flew
And she left with some words

I know you won't hate me
This is about a girl who left her bf even though she loved him because situation brakes the relationships.
  Sep 2018 Dinithi Perera
please don’t make me feel bad
for wanting to talk to you
if we don’t talk much
of course i’m going
to miss you
i think you forget
that i love you
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