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Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
It's not like it's gone / it doesn't disappear
I catch your name in the voices that I hear
Passion and love speak but don't understand
That neither of them go hand in hand

I've had a lot / to tell you about
You cannot hear me if I would whisper or shout
The silence is here / it follows me home
I wonder, my dear, if you are alone
If I were to come and be there with you,
Would we do what we always do?

I promised my heart / I gave you my mind
I was nervous to see what you'd find
I haven't changed / my mind's still the same
It still carries the weight of your name
Salsa  Mar 2014
Salsa Mar 2014
Scattered are the sentiments that float
About the galaxies growing within me.
Lurking in my veins, cascading down my spine,
Sending shivers to every fraction of my body.
An abundance of the heart never troubled me before, except now it is
Bruising, scratching and numbing my core.
Eventually I'll grow weary.
Eventually I'll quit. For how
Little can I do to possibly cease it?
Acrostic of my real name.
for it needs not of labeling
for it is already ceremonial,
my feet touching the earth,
my lungs taking in air

our breathes
are sacred enough

nameless are the trees
and so wondrous they seem
before words could mask their glory
they were whole without their need

for what truly do we know about a tree
about a flower
or the ocean
and the creatures it still harbors
in it's depth






Words are wonderful but they have limitations. This poem centers around that topic.
Words mask the majesty of the world around us.  
I slowly reduce these words into random letter and then into symbols because that's all letters are, symbols. Words are a comfort blanket we throw on the world to make us feel like we know, like we understand.
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