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Sheila Greene May 2020
Cotton has a plantation,
It’s home in central Texas.
It might be your cremation.
Don’t drive up in your Lexus.

In the barn he persecutes.
Devices of mad torture.
Chainsaws, meat hook executes,
Diced and spilt into quarters.

The Bloodbath we fascinate,
Victims face he has gotten.
Oh my, he does dominate.
****** face here’s some Cotten.
This was based on my trip to Florida last week because I’m convinced Waze wanted to **** us.  It took down this back Texas road that looked like Leatherfaces home.  It’s done in Ae Freislighe, an Irish Quatrain.
Sheila Greene May 2020
Your first steps
In gray fog
Quiet forest echoes
Eerily still
Life reflecting
Scared to death

© sd greene  6/21/17
Walking a lone in the woods at dawn, a little fog allows my imagination to run wild.
Sheila Greene May 2020
What I see sickens me
Judged on size
It feels unfair
Skin color, gender,
Ones not as good me
it's so sad to see
Even though this I don't believe
Speak up, no one listens
Your just a kid
What I see, think, feel
Doesn't matter
On no I'm mad
I'm shattered
This isn't how I thought the world was
In one month my view is ruined
Written for my son realizing life isn’t always fair or pretty.
Sheila Greene May 2020
Coming Sun
New dawn to light
It's a glyph
Fresh look upon life

Morning dew
Glistening skin
Wet, hard
Again and again

Teary sweet
**** or sour
Tasting days
Through the haze
smiling for me
I'm amazed.

© sd greene  9/3/17
I can be optimistic too.
Sheila Greene May 2020
Is it weird?
Pink vison
Eyes sparkle
Wicked smile
I don't just see it
I feel it
A pony of energy
Hot mess mane
Cotten candy stain
Little miss evil
Oh wait that's me
Alter ego
My Pinkie Pie
See something deeper
Down inside
We see you
always there
To jump out
Not hide

© sd greene  10/7/17
Written for a very unique and bold friend, my friend Z.
Sheila Greene May 2020
see crazy
in my eyes
on my skin
your blood
I wallow in.

hot body
rubbing mine so close
whispers come
"Don't touch."

our heat mingled
glistening dew
intoxicating fever

dripping lips
loves first kiss
or the last
swallowing in.

a womb
giving and taking away
ready for the ****

© sd greene  8/14/17
I have lots of crazy in my eyes.  It stems from the desire to be consumed and the madness from within when you can not obtain it.
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