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Sage Jun 2020
In every truth.
In every lie.
In every help that you provide.

In your lows.
In your highs.
Only your love is what others will realize.
No matter the situation, your brilliance is still there.
Sage May 2020
Prove me wrong.
Prove that love does not mean soul.

Love blinds the eyes
Love blinds the mind.

Now we can see.
More than never.
Love is our real eyes. Love blinds the eyes, blinds the mind.
Sage May 2020
Whatever it is what I've been searching for, I found it in your soul.
Through your eyes I can see the entire world breathe.
Universe is what I see when I kiss your mind.
I'm gracefully carried through life with the feeling of your touch.

I don't want to let you go of my hand.
Love, synonym of poetry.
Sage May 2020
It was true that I once loved you.
A very naive love, unconscious and immature.
You. Queen of hearts, the desired one.
Forgive me if I loved you like an object, but an object is how I felt like.

Your fiery words pleased my passive attitude.
I did and I will do everything to follow love.
Not like past times.

Now you are a dried rose.
A poem with no author.
A love without a reason.

You have never been a main character in this theatre.
It's only about me.
You are the one and only. Others are complementary. This story is about yourself. Write your lines while you learn from life.
Sage May 2020
And I know you don't care.
You just know how to transform love into venom.
You whip me with your insanity.
You give me of my own medicine.
An unrequited love with oneself. Life manifests a person to tell you that the rejection you feel is for yourself.
Sage May 2020
Poetry and words flow throw my blood.
I have been brave enough to recognize my role.
Life gave me the present of finding a way to fill my soul.
It's all about give and take.
Following your heart after all.
Recognize oneself fearlessly. Putting aside fake illusions and tunnel visions created by others to separate the grain from the chaff.
Sage May 2020
Underneath the surface,
the earth is the microwave.
We are the engine, we are the heat wave.
The earth and it's rhythm is enough to move the world. We intercede in the natural process, so we corrupt the cycles.

— The End —