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I'm obsessed with these two boys, that I'll never meet.
I love to hear them make noise, I think it's very sweet. 
They changed my life for the good, and I can never thank them.
I'd hug them if I could, say all the things I've been wanting to say to 'em. 
I listen to them everyday, no matter in what way it is.
It could be in my mind as I lay, relaxing in pure bliss. 
They're in my head and they won't leave, it's getting to be painful, knowing we'll never meet.
Their songs, are telling me to believe, but it's getting hard, I'm feeling defeat...
When I wrote, in like 2018, it was about my favorite music duo, Bars and Melody. They saved my life with their music. They will forever be in my heart.
Spriha Kant Aug 6
I am a dust laden untuned guitar in a corner.
Come toward me and wipe away all my loneliness and tune the untuned strings in my life with your warm hands.
Chat with me the way you sing melodiously along with your guitar's melodious tunes.

Beat my fears the way you beat your drums.
Read , understand , remember and love me like your books.
Listen to the noises , voices , whispers and sounds in my silences.
Give me an eternal space in your poetries.
Spent such moments with me that gets carved beautifully on the walls of my memories.
Get lost in my love the way you are into the melodies of your violen and piano while playing them.
Love me above the boundaries of ether.
Embrace me tightly in the arms of your soul and coalesce me within your soul.
And take me away in the ethereal cosmos with you.
Dante Rocío Aug 2
We don’t need Music
And how
It embodies, captivates,
To know that each other and
Ourselves have
And are a
Majesty in reverberating
As we
On a country lane.
Even when no one
Is listening to
Us, Melody, or better;
a sensation of & in it,
Our silence contains
In one thought
More chords and stories
To be played than
The world’s bonding
To the audibility
Could ever do
And draw the greatness

Like violin, I’m
Such honey-laced strings
In swiftness
Thinking and by lips

As. Like.
furious heartbeat
tremendously stands
On a thrilling stave
So do us at the sunset
As a dance.
As a thrilling epiphany

I always imagine becoming Revolution soon to come
As departure through a heather field,
Hands raised in elegant victory
Decreasing I into horizon
as lilac, blue and copper scarlet
Infused with that painting
As I sound Violin.

Of the flaming presence we (or at least I)
Set in tremendous song beats
Of no words or yes.
We don’t need to hear Music
To know this upholding
Takes place in us in every minute
That we stand (of, on)
Eva Jul 26
Flickering lights mimick my heartbeat,
constantly reminding
of the sad melody it plays.
ShadowSpy Jul 15
A melody fills my head
So dark
Yet so sweet

It draws those near me closer
It pushes those far from me further

But it doesnt let them see
This mystical beauty
This enchanting sorceress
This magical creature

And it doesnt let me feel

So in the end who wins?

This melody that fills my head
Is dark
Yet sweet

But its taken over
Their mind
And soon
Mine too
Ces Jul 13
A sudden question arose
perplexing in its simplicity:

"When did I stop listening?"

How did the music fade?
How did the melodies inside my heart

Innocence is a fleeting thing
Like tunes and notes...
the soothing caresses of the wind
on a quiet spring

My heart is craving for answers
Oh, this inquiry that rattles my mind:

When did I stop being
a child?
Lia Jul 5
Risen from stardust and love,
Our hearts bloomed.
Addicted to each other.

Beating. Loving. Dancing.

A sweet melody. Our beating hearts.

Tell me, when did we lose ourselves,
When did love turn into hate,
When did trust turn into doubt,
When did friends turn into enemies?
Tell me, when did we lose ourselves.

Once a sweet melody,
Shattered pieces of heart burst through my chest.

A sweet melody turns silent.
Don't let this melody fall silent.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 3

Fingers tend to keys
Her hands precise with passion
Leave all souls enriched

This haiku is dedicated to the muse, Euterpe!
I hope I captured the magic of melody, music is truly a gift.
She is a true giver of delight.
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
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