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soul melody
46/F    when the sun sets in Africa the desert murmurs poetry to the soft slumbering soul of the earth... (picture taken in the Karoo - 2018)
Melody Millett
Melody Goodner
24/F/seattle, wa.    wife // mother


Sherri Harder Oct 2014
Melody maker
with joyous sound.
Melody maker
dance, skip, and float around.
Melody maker
rhythm and blues.
Melody maker
musical hues.
Melody maker
sing me a song.
Melody maker
I'll dance along.
Melody maker
swing, jazz, or tap
Melody maker
hip, hop and rap.
Melody maker
acoustic, band, or lullaby.
melody maker
don't your gift deny.
melody maker
heartbeat and dance.
melody maker
words are not trance.
melody maker
hear my words drum a beat.
melody maker
feel the rhythm, passion, and heat.
melody maker
melody maker
I whisper these notes to you of poetry.
Mercia  Aug 2018
Mercia Aug 2018
His melody
My melody
Jolly good fakers we are
Jolly good people we not
We gave the world sparkles
But we held no sparkles in heart
We suffered
We lived pretence

His melody
My melody
Tears like the desert I held
Hidden tears he shed
Silence he pained
Oblivious I was
Silence he cries
Oblivious I am
Silence he will torture
Oblivious I will be

His melody
My melody
He hid his pain
His fake life read by the world
No true form shown
His skin bitten off by societies boundaries.

His melody
My melody
Slowly he fades
Slowly the desert waters
He gave up
He gave up pretending
He gave up giving sparkles
He gave up trying to live for those who saw
Saw the real him

My melody
No longer do I want it
My tears are my remedy
No longer do I hold it

I've lost my Sunshine
I'm losing my love
I'll lose my sanity

Melody Jan 2011
Melody is not just a song.
It's the tune that has to carry you along forever.
Bring your confidence and soul out to show the crowd.
To crown your king.
With purity and pride.
Make you dance or sing.
Hum and whistle.
The meaning of melody is to make you swing and swang your hips.
Meaning of melody is a soul courageous song that brings you to love and meet well in life.
To meet your lovers eyes.
Is all by the meaning of Melody.
Every person creates their own melody.
And you can never share your melody.
It's all within you and you can't take it away.
The missing part of my poem, The Melody. I hope you liked it. :)