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Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Dress up your depression
Stockings and lipstick
Dancing and music

No it's all scattered
A mess everywhere
Just keep shedding tears

Mask your pain
With ***** and ***
Clubs and latex

No you're too sheltered
Poor and locked away
Openly showing **** shame

Take it as a specialty
Write pretty plays and poetry
Make meaning for your suffering

No you have no talent
Give up and sleep all day
end it all can't hide the pain
Johnny Noiπ Jun 2018
rich  & sweaty  
buried  &         turning  
the                  algorithmic  
sense   in her            *******  
     i    nto     music &    smoke,  
                __alive  & crazy;   but                     
     .      ___             &
like           Jewish         waves  
written                        on the    
                   plastic   ground;  
gett    ing       warm  for            free  
she                     caught  the bullet;
holding  it in her   .   teeth  
while the      computer changed its
the  lady   is   an     American  
_    star  
her red    mouth            .
the        holy   father        while
       he's         .     painting  
           heaven       .
I'm the girl with a yellow mac
and red stockings.
When it's autumnal,
I kick the weathered leaves
and stand neath the boughs,
whispering to the impending season
i stand alone and need no one else.
Lady Ravenhill Apr 2017
Long Lean Legs
          wrapped in black patterned stockings,
Calling to all
          To look upon her long lines and admire
Ready to take her
          boldly where ever she needs to go
The questions is
          can her mind make the bold choice
To finally use those legs
          and run?
©LadyofRavenhill 4/18/17

— The End —