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He rock
climes and
his foot
is wide
as the
hill top
while the
wind is
very cold
that his
head band
fell to
to depths
that dusky
as he's
crept before
in light
a man in sunset
That One Guy Mar 2015
So many people walking away
Why can't you stay?
     Can't you stay for a cup of Jo?
  Fine go ahead and go
          "I have to time"
   Here I am trying to clime, and clime
I would spend every penny, nickel, and dime
                    That I have
    To spend a little more "time"
               with, you
Weird thing I wrote when I was drawing random people walking the "away" from me.
Subtly, so subtly, the workings of Time
Must alter the shape of the outer shell
Of a body once vibrant and molded so well!

Slowly, but surely, like a wood-boring worm,
Out of the gloom of a perilous clime,
Firm in the grasp of a seasonable term,

Comes the chill-laden wintry spell
Of sad infirmity in a dismal sphere;
Lost in the woods of a cherished dream,

In the thickening fog of Nature's scheme,
Midst muffled sounds of distant strains
Are earlier years that knew no fear

Of time and age, what now remains
Eternity must rightly redeem.

— The End —