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Agatha Prideaux Apr 2020
I remember the creases of your lips and tongue back then
So I write this love song with my paper and pen
(And now I'm back at it again)

During one hazy road trip, that one night way past ten
Even though I don't remember where or when
I remember the creases of your lips and tongue back then

When I close my eyes, I see you walking ahead
With your open hands inviting mine as you led
So I write this love song with my paper and pen

Your presence felt like that of a thousand men
When I feel safe in your arms when my tears have been shed
(And now I’m back at it again)

Even when you leave the words "I love you" unsaid
I feel it when you **** me thoroughly in bed
I remember the creases of your lips and tongue back then

You kiss your fist before it meets my cheek in counts of ten
Where flowers would bloom in violet blue and red
So I write this love song with my paper and pen

There were nights I'd pray to god as I said
"Please, let him be the last one, amen"
(And now I’m back at it again)

I close my eyes; I see you walking away as you fled
Mouthing me words that made my world drop dead
I remember the creases of your lips and tongue back then

I open my eyes; I cried and teared and pled
But you didn't look back even with my legs spread
So I write this love song with my paper and pen

Tried forgetting you but I loved you more instead
I thought I'm already done making you stay inside my head
—(And now I’m back at it again)
Day 12 of #NaPoWriMo 2020. It's been two days since I wrote something. I've been having relapses, but I finally wrote something. It's crazy how you can feel like you're being so accomplished and productive in your manic episodes and then feel like drowning and dying, not skipping a beat when you're having a depressive one. And this piece is a reflection of my past---as one of my friends said. It's me, pouring it off my chest.
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
My mind wants to sleep,
But my body stays awake.
I'm starting to wonder
If my body's a *******
Because all it does is ache
A little out there lol. Title is a reference to the John mayer song your body's a wonderland
julianna Feb 2020
Give me the one that hurts
I can take the pain
I promise I’ll bite my tongue
I promise I won’t complain
If you beat me blue,
My heart will beat red
I’ll bend till’ I break
I’ll bend till’ I break
I’ll cover my scars,
Like good girls do and
Speak to the darkness there
I want to hurt
And dream of you,
Scream your name
Conceal the bruises
I’ll bend till I break
I dream while lying awake
If I’m besides you,
I’ll never love another
Your self-destructing prophecy
In it, please include me
Inspired by the song Bend till I Break by Maria Mena. I explored this feeling that I get when I really like someone, a determination, a flame that buckle down and endure  any heartbreak that may face me if I pursue a relationship with them. And I explored it to this masochistic extent. So  please don’t take this literally.
Marcus Collins Dec 2019
You're a slave to my games.

You're just a sucker for pain.

It seems the hole eating away in your chest has gotten bigger.

You hear these songs that make you desire a destructive tool on your skin.

A flaming whip to leave ****** stripes down your back, knife point against your soft inner thighs, my fingers around your throat leaving you gasping for air.

You want to cry, you feel hungry teeth sink into your neck leaving it sore for the next two days, I want your body open and bare, exposed and shackled.

You crave pain again and again.

I want blood, sweat, and *** dripping off of you.

I want you to feel your fear again.

I want to chain you up, I want to tie you down, I'm just a sucker for your pain.

This thirst of yours is one that I alone can quench.

I am done with watching you float,
I want to watch you drown in your imagination as I feel your heart beating faster and faster under the weight of my hand holding you down.
Deity Queen Oct 2019
It's ok that you forgot
The memories in which my brain rott
Like boiling fish in the ***
Left to dry out then begot

The flies will come fill it with their swarm
And leave the babies of wiggling worms

The feast will die and decay away

The life will move on to the next day.

I am the child that you starved
I am the one you called ******
I am the one that you let fall

And now I'm here to tell it all
To be cuntinued
Van Xuan Sep 2019
New Day starts
As the clock strikes at midnight
Yet my heart fails to start
As it lingers to a woman
Who remains in the past.


Why can't my heart move forward?
Trap in the past which won't last
Casting away the future
Embracing the torture
Stubbornness eats me alive


Yet this kind of life never made me sad
Because for every second loving you
Gives me energy to love you more
Even if seeing you with someone else
Drags me to hell... Or not.
rk Sep 2019
once again
i'm falling alone
there's no hands to catch me,
only a foolish heart
with a glutton
for p u n i s h m e n t.
- ******* for your kiss.
rk Aug 2019
i feel you pulling at me
drawing me back to you
with each whisper
my bones react,
your hand on my throat
my blood singing your name,
craving destruction.
you're under my skin. you're in my bones.
Maddie Rea Jul 2019
The thought before shredding those tiny pieces

Knowing with everything in me that I was saying goodbye to the life I dreamed of having

Already seeing two consequences of those actions

Here appears Slater that lonely fool what I wish to be without you

Beside myself this is just another loop

It kills me inside to know that humanity will never recoup

Three trays and a bag to carry me through this week

Cant we please just keep the peace

I can almost walk unsteadily down this winding dirt road

Praying for a car, all I can see is the train heading straight for me

It seems my ankles have now become bound to this track... ...Heading straight for me
rk Jul 2019
i said never again,
but maybe this time
you would be different.
maybe it would hurt less,
when you handed
my love back to me.
maybe we were still
made of stardust,
desperate for another chance
to make it.
wanting to do better,
to finish what we started.
but you walked out the door
and once again,
i'm left alone
with my ******* heart
and the unwavering need
to love that which can destroy me.
- i can't not love you but you **** me.
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