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Nicole Alyssia  Oct 2014
Burn Me
Nicole Alyssia Oct 2014
My heart has been engulfed
By an all consuming flame
Never mind the poison from the smoke
Nor the burning or the pain
The dancing embers of desire;
What a lovely sight to see
I choose torture from the fire
Over setting my heart free
I'd rather burn to death than live without this
Caitlin  Jan 9
Caitlin Jan 9
I told you I was a *******,
that I love a little pain.
I thought the ****** in you would make me a fun game.

I was not prepared for the way you chose to harm.
Mentally and emotionally instead of tying up my arm.

I see now that you’re a lesson learned too late.
Nothing good can come from you, you live to humiliate.
Noelis  Jan 2
Noelis Jan 2
when i get angry or sad
i just want to get ****** hard against a wall
to the point where i beg for mercy and cry
*** is my escape from strong emotions
so please make me choke on your **** and swallow your salty potion
i might be broken but im not looking to be fixed
i just want to be ******* like im some **** and to see you having fun using your whips on my skin.
jcl  Oct 2018
Letting You Go
jcl Oct 2018
i know
i need
to let go

I am not ready
to release you

I endure
the pain
the anguish

i am
a *******

i want
to be free
of my

i should
let go
or be
Poetry by MAN Feb 2014
My Darkness is what makes me
I embrace let it taste me
Down to the abyss
Death my favorite wish
Naturally a killer
Life is just a filler
I hold the cards what should I deal you
So dark feel me wicked
See a knife I want to twist it
****** or ******* either way I am gifted
You will never see me
You can even be me
My Darkness seeps into the scenery
Serial killer nah I'm much ill-er
My Darkness is primal I am a sealer of fate  
Death Note set the date
Allow me to demonstrate
Villain mastermind
What I am can't be defined
Dark so lovely go ahead try mug me
Eyes behold what's beautiful is ****
Call me a sinner I'm not a beginner
We can play a game there is no winner
So let My Darkness take you
Devour remake you
Heaven will never miss
The devil in my kiss...♏
zebra  Sep 2018
The Management
zebra Sep 2018
it's the management
here to inform you
your **** has been hacked

we know what your thinking
what you hide
we are all up in your business
like cyber terrorist's

don't ruin your life with to much self respect
we are all watching you *******
to mamma mia meets a hundred shades of crimson
and fight club blood ****
while you ***
ooooooooh god
holes and poles
like a pig at a trough
praying to be handcuffed and on your knees
sweating and hysterical, a red moon struck **** face
high on drugs
in a dream better then this life has to offer

life is full of yogas
***** pony position
bouncy bouncy

im the light in your darkness
i know what you do
i want pieces of you, you wont show anyone else
your sickness, is my own
you are my love *****
turning me *******
who loves to hurt you

who's the *****
who's the switch

your flawless

cry me a river
move a little bit faster and to the left
your **** is a cartoon
**** grinning emoji
bleeding shrieking
fu fu fu fu *******
your brains running out of your eyes

gimmie all your venom
***** movie poem's
*** tongue and *****
your mouth like hemoglobin jewelry
saliva diamonds

kiss that
you'll never go back
squealing smooth heat
breathing winds of perfume
love and pain
united by
tragedy and desire
the grotesque and the beautiful
like thirst holds stones

stop crying

you know baby
you look your best on the toilet bowl
a delicious little *******
that holds me close to life
like a baby to the ****

stop banging on the door
im using this stall
Thank you
The Management
neo surrealism/ surveillance state ***
Chris Neilson Jun 2018
The black dog is here again
an unwanted visitor at my door
like a ******* I let it in
to feed on my insecurities
preying on my guilt and self pity
past mistakes passing by
grinning grotesquely at my plight
barking; harking back to days
best forgotten but entrenched within
I've been bitten before so I stay put
twice as shy so I lie to myself
that this old dog won't live forever
but he keeps returning
no matter that I move house
no change that I've moved jobs
it still finds me, this scruffy mutt
this metaphor for my dark moods
I want to stop feeding it
I need to end its curse
tomorrow it will be gone
and a piece of my mind
can be silenced once more
to give me peace of mind
I'll get the better of you
flea bitten hound
get out of my life for good
the black dog is a metaphor, of course
R  Jan 2017
R Jan 2017
There are two types
of punches
in this world
and I'll take them
Maybe one
right in the face
before I become
the punch line
to your insensitive
little jokes
(sorry I forgot
to laugh this time.)

And even then
I'll take them gladly
as the blood
makes its acquaintance
with my tears
and my fears
become entangled
with fury.

Hurry up.

Tell me
that no one
will ever love me
and that I'm just
another **** girl
in a ****** up world
that will do nothing
but swallow me whole
and purge me
once it tastes my
I'm sorry
I wasn't
sweet enough
for you.

Craver of life's
toxic temptations.
with the
nicotine filled paper
you place
between your lips
and the horror stories
you read at three
in the morning
as you wish to become
another doomed character
created by your favourite authors.

But you didn't even bother
to realize that
our lives are the horror stories
and as much as I wanted
to put the book down
I kept screaming for more.

Always craving
but never satisfied.

And all I can hear is
daddy crying out
"You could have died!"
"You could have died!"


I don't care,
god ******.
I thought the
tears in his eyes
would have
stopped me
but the
spilled blood
on the floor
was so taunting
and I knew
right then
that I'd

I guess I really am
a *******,
because you know
for a fact that I
would kiss
the hands
that punched me
in the face

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