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Zack Ripley Dec 2019
My mind wants to sleep,
But my body stays awake.
I'm starting to wonder
If my body's a *******
Because all it does is ache
A little out there lol. Title is a reference to the John mayer song your body's a wonderland
Zack Ripley Mar 2020
It's funny.
If there was one thing
people could agree on,
It's that we didn't have enough time.
But now that we have all the time
In the world, we're slowly
losing our minds
muteD Feb 2020
I wish I could just make myself into the person you want me to be.
Even though for some reason you keep telling me to be myself.
What if you don’t like her?
What if I don’t like her?
Because the person I’ve known to be me,
I don’t like.
I don’t like how she looks.
I don’t like how she talks.
But, no one hears that.
It’s all in my mind.
If I want change, why don’t I change?
These days it really feels as though I am truly going insane.
Late night poem.. Probably will end up changing the title since I’m not a 100% on it. Any ideas? Comment.
Xandra Lynch Jan 2019
bright red bubbles pop from underneath my feet
red as cherry trees that won't grow
can this be blood?
dirt from in between my toenails
i wash off Mother Nature's skin  
a leaking coming from my eyes
that washes away dissatisfaction
can these be tears?
the sound of feet against the ground
solid and unloving
i slip
face down into the ground
can this be where life comes from?
an old lady plants flowers in her garden
can this be inspiration?
i am losing my train of thought
can this brain be me?
Cameron Jul 2018
"I think I am losing my mind"

"At least you have a mind to lose"
literally no idea, just popped into my head.
The Misconstrued Jan 2018
My mind is slipping in and out of crazy,
That fine line between sanity and insanity looks almost blurry and hazy.
Sam Haidan Jan 2015
So it's just me
Down here again.
I don't understand why
I keep coming back
But there's this ache in my stomach
Another attack
And I feel like I'm going crazy
With the pain and the strain
It's like this never ending chain
Of everything foul and everything wry
And I can't even cry.

I can't even ******* cry.

He's here today, tomorrow he's gone
I don't know where to find him
I can't even walk
I can't sit down
I can't stand up
My mind is racing but my body's stuck.
In this long term stupor
In this permanent daze
I'm losing sight of everything
Everything but his face
And I hate it. But I love it.
What the **** do I say
When he says nothing.

When he does nothing.

It’s like I’m awake
Even while I’m asleep
Because I’m always in pain
Even when I dream
And all I really want
Is to get some peace!

Just a little bit of peace.

But I just lie here helpless
A slave to his will
Liable to his wishes
The pray to his ****
Waiting to be taken
And willingly so
To his land far away
Where I slowly dissolve
Into storms of chaos
In an asylum of sadness.
I can’t escape the madness.

I can’t escape the madness.

I think as high of him
As I do myself low
And I don't understand
Even after blow after blow
Why I can't stop it.
I guess I don't want to
Because without him I'm nothing.

Without him, I’m nothing.
c'est la vie

another day sacrificed...

another holiday alone.
oh well...

— The End —