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A sight that
All hope.
There in front of you
Yet only being able to look at it
And accept fate.
The longing
For something within reach
Yet all desire
Locked away.
The knowledge that
This was a long time coming
Yet the sign that was
Suddenly there
Catches you by surprise.
The sign that says
“Out of order”
On the vending machine.
I've never written a comedic poem before, but there's a first for everything right?
Chris Neilson Jul 2016
It may sound condescending
but it wasn't mind bending
to the writer who was tending
to simple rhymes they were sending
to cyber space in the hope of mending
complex issues instead of fending
off demons they're engendering
whilst metaphorically kicking the vending
machine of poetry's stored pending
treats in the hope of them descending
to impress someone into befriending
them along an upward path and ascending
to the dizzy heights of media trending

— The End —