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Orakhal Jun 2020
I take
full responsibility

for how others treat me

I can control
I can not
Orakhal May 2020
at your thinking

you enter its meaning
Orakhal May 2020
The Great Storyteller
pens ink to the wind
Pressing pen to its paper skin
shredding its word on the taste of rain
its drip of spirit in deep refrain

A sweet scented memory
echoes and burs
A woe of regret weeping
high in the nest of its underworld

The humid mist of nostalgia
rests its net oer the black veil
Sinking its face to its deep blue belly
Its pale faint ***** in her sleeping beauty
claims its kiss to widen its wake
Orakhal May 2020
Because others
don’t see what you see
doesn’t make them blind

but it does
stop you looking
through their eyes
Orakhal May 2020
A deep laughter
came to see me this morning
it was so excited
for the use of my soul

it slipped its fingers
across my chest
leaving by way of the heart

filling my rest
head to toe
its echo on my bones
its history
Orakhal May 2020
Dont run
from a chase

you only run after it
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Tranquil orchestra
The sweetest ******* soul drinks
My flame flickers pure
Said it before, I'll say it again - Yanni's music is heavenly, and spiritually it's detoxing me from the garbage of the mainstream. (not all is garbage but majority of it is)
Working on the Meringue poem, still! ^-^
Lyn ***
Sharpen your blade
Turn my face East
A lamb in your hands
Bless me, curse me
Give me your poetry

Your gait speaks
The way rain dances
For wet and trembling
virile soil, speaks in
whispers to my
fertile soul
A hunger and a
Milk and honey storm

Your essence is like perfume
And my soul wears it
Like a ****** wears virtue
Intoxicated by
The mere scent of knowing you
My spirit moves to it, madly, taken
Writes love songs
On holy walls
your essence is like perfume
It lingers and fades
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2017
How might he sing of this Queen that he found
Of their trip through the stars
Of the sights and the sounds
The soft subtle glow from her sun-kissed skin
Her Magic and rhythm that oozed from within
Of Holding her close, getting lost in her eyes
The lattice of limbs, the world passing by

Much more to this union than physics and heat
Their mind-space meeting place first of all treats
Hard to face truths they would tackle as one
Before all that JuJu had even begun

There in those convos through hours unfolding
A Lucid flowetry & neither witholding
She opened her heart up revealing her past
Her Darkness and Strengths
A history so vast

The degree of compassion and comprehension
Served as a softener, negating all tension
And he, he felt worthy, enough for a tear
To receive all she was
Dark and Light
Love and Fear

Pickled perspectives through dilated seers
Dissolving of egos & bringing forth tears
Humbly he knelt, for in him she would trust
Honouring intention
And Self
Before lust

Digesting their truths on candle light beams
Backing track soundscapes of finish him themes
Magnetic her radiance, a colourwheel aura
Bodies' bouquet, scents sweeter than flora
Skin to skin textures their grip free to roam
Tastes of pure Stardust
Her flavour was... Home

A moment removed from time's ceaseless pace
Light breaking birdsong, Love dripped from her face
The world switched on and began it's routine
While Awestruck he witnessed this manifest dream
Cat cursed yet tireless he played to her choir
Their Synchronous vibrations raised forever higher

There's never before been, nor again will there be
A woman of resonance as Perfect as she
Subjectively perfect, Ubiquitous truth
Yet how we see perfect requires no proof
All of his senses Peaked & Saturated
All his Desires
In this Queen concentrated

Once in a lifetime the lucky may find
A someone of substance who stimulates the mind
Once in a lifetime the lucky may be
With One who cultivates a compatible energy
Once in a lifetime the lucky may hold
The attention and Love of their true Twin Soul

But the idea that One girl could be all this and more
A concept so enticing he just can't ignore

The poetry of Presence
The Nourishment of Osmosis
The Freedom of the Eternal Now
She's Imperfectly Perfect
She's Perfectly Imperfect
His Queen Supreme
I battled to finish this one... I hope you Enjoy it my fellow magicians
Lennox Jones Apr 2015
Oh well
That didn’t quite
Go as I expected.
The soul doesn’t grow from what ifs.
It dies.
Re-cut into a cinquain

— The End —