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she never known anything other than love.
for her,
love is too an art
for her,
love is a million metaphors.
she is an artist.
and her art is to love.
Hum silence in noisy world to find peace with in.
As i know i can not hold you in my arms, I will surely hold you in my heart.
some souls are ment to be hurt everytime and broken forever.
When i first saw you,
I captured my soul with your gaze.
How beautiful that moment was.
when i say i love you, i don't mean just love.
But i can feel you.
I can feel every inch and edge of you.
And i can feel smallest details of the things 'bout you
The more clouser i get, the more i feel your happiness and your pain too.
I love you so deeply,
and in doing so,
i lose myself in yours,
i surrender into your soul and see all your fears,
and i love you utterly, totally, wildly.
Somewhere between forgetting the past and dying with the memories you gave me courage to love again.
Sameera Krishna Nov 2018
Cruel is the time,
Cold are the memories,
Armour is the past,
I've been left waiting for the eternity.
It is easy to spell,
But hard to feel.

— The End —