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I am attached to you more than one life should allow.
Are we Twin-Flames?
And my heart whispered yes !
Because of the stardust from your fingertips,
I'm now shining with your touch.
It throbs,
It tears,
It tender,
It twinge,
Just for thee.
Because, it was, it is & it will be only you and me.
In the fullness of time.
intense connection of  souls create the deepest poetry, may be not in pages of a book but definitely on pages of the heart.
I gaze at you and forgot about sky,
You put my heart into bliss,
You are my idyllic blue of special ethereal hue.
At time you my be dark and grey,
Still your essence is true.
Always in the same dream,
With an unfamiliar face,
In a frozen time,
I faced you.
This would be a dream forever?
I was scared.

But when I open my eyes,
It's you.
My eyes only look at you,
I can not close them,
My love,
This is our love story,
I can not hide.
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