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Sameera Krishna Oct 2020
I have seen a soul lost her way in the maze of thorns.
It is prickling her heart everytime it winds.
She is never sad
She is only smiling
In her happy days, And in her lonely nights,
She is only showering the essence of love.
She is laughing beautifully even when she lost her petals.
I think,  She remembered her happy life she once lived and she smiled a miserable smile.
such a beautiful heart you have,
such a beautiful soul you are.
Sameera Krishna May 2020
some souls are ment to be hurt everytime and broken forever.
Sameera Krishna May 2020
Just for a while ,
She wants to be loved,
She wants to be cared,
She needs someone to understand the sadness in her eyes
Someone who can embrace the scares of her soul.
Sameera Krishna Apr 2020
she never known anything other than love.
for her,
love is too an art
for her,
love is a million metaphors.
she is an artist.
and her art is to love.
Sameera Krishna Apr 2020
Oh dear flower,
Your scars should be your strengths,
Only then you don't have to fear for stroms.
Sameera Krishna Apr 2020
As i know i can not hold you in my arms, I will surely hold you in my heart.
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