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Shadiya Zubair Feb 2021
How I fell for you?
We have never met.
But still I let you in
to my world of battle.
When things weren't good for me,
You made me laugh,
Bestowing the peace of mind
I always yearned for ,
by your magical voice.
Semi seviyorum (turkish) - I Love You❤
Shadiya Zubair Nov 2020
Strolling over these strange pathways
without any destined goal
But my mind is at ease, without any
fear of, past, present or future
I loosened up my majestic wings
to float through those soothing current of winds
Today I saw the snow drifting through the cold night
Such an unforseen serene feeling, it gave!
With a cold heart, I drift off to faraway places
Chasing myself in the storm and fog
In this vast and wide sky
Wishing someday to find myself.
💮Its okay to get lost once in a while, sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves!💮
Shadiya Zubair Nov 2020
"I have been the black hole in a
classroom for far too long absorbing
everything but not allowing my
light to escape!"
❣I came across this from a video I came across yesterday.I felt like sharing it here :)❣
I was busy lately because of my classes and exams, its been very long time since I posted something here.Hope you all are doing well!💖🤗
Shadiya Zubair Sep 2020
In this life of ambiguity
Every time when love beckons you
Your mind may get down to uneasiness
Because of some strange fear enclosed around you.
Yes, the fear of getting hurt again
But now you have to proffer your love again
To someone who is aching for it
To someone who you can't see through your naked eyes
Yes, to your own soul, shower it with your love
to that extend that your zest and aura
rejects anyone who doesn't know your worth
Sure, it will heal your scars and mend your soul
by bestowing the happiness you deserve
Love yourself, mend your soul and be happy🌻
Shadiya Zubair Sep 2020
If you feel like your whole world is falling apart be grateful for the fact that you are still breathing. It is a ray of hope implying that you have given another chance to build up a world you ought to be in rather than the one someone made for you. So stop investing your time in conjoining the broken pieces together, but create your own pieces and establish a world of your worth, love and happiness. Because a world made by you will always have the strongest foundation than the one made by someone.
Simply just thoughts🌷
Shadiya Zubair Sep 2020
Life with love is a life thats been lived
A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved!
Shadiya Zubair Sep 2020
A strand of hair fell on her
beautiful turquoise eyes
She got stuck for a moment.
But then she realized that,
his hands won't reach her
Because he was too far away to do that!
Yearning for his touch and then reality
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