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Life with love is a life thats been lived
A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved!
A strand of hair fell on her
beautiful turquoise eyes
She got stuck for a moment.
But then she realized that,
his hands won't reach her
Because he was too far away to do that!
Yearning for his touch and then reality
Adore the days and live in the moment
Be grateful for the ones who are still by your side
Because tomorrows are never promised!
Like withered leaves we will also fall down someday
But don't let your  guard down easily,
just seize the day and cherish the very moment.
Live in the moment✨
If you are too tired to speak,
then be eloquent in silence
Sometimes it does seem hideous,
but devour it and taste it.
Maybe somewhere you will find it
Meaningful silences are better than a
                meaningful words.🥀
On that forlorn and barren pathway
He was kneeling down with a weary face of variegated emotions,
which was unknown.
His eyes were glued on that person who was trudging away from him.
He looked and looked, till his eyes became as sour as his heart.
Wishing she will look back once.
But, by then the darkness engulfed the luminous light like his dazzle of life fading away,
as she goes away..
Walking away.....🚶🏻
Let your life of woes go away
Like a dandelion puff
waft in the air and
let the cajoling wind of nature
solace you by bestowing
a blitheful life of amour!
Dandelion - A symbol of emotional healing
I wish our hearts were mendable,
so that we can prepare ourselves for
many more heartbreaks!
You wish?
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