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my head
is filled
with liquid love
dripping from above
down on me

candy colored lollipop girls
short skirt
red and white swirl
quivering like a squirrel
trapped with a tiger

i can move her
she wants it too
shes handing over her love
to me and you
she's a dream
i am so mean
and i don't have to hide it

she takes it all
in the simulation stimulation
she wants it all
in the simulation stimulation
i let go of reality
with the simulation stimulation
another day
another time
same words
same crime
overlooked it again
i pleaded before
for a new beginning
for the end
your ego, your best friend
must be louder
than my reasons could ever be

i am down on my knees
let the dream die

i lost all my keys
let the dream die

same day
same time
another word
another crime
a monologue
disguised as a dialogue
so sick
of your so called virtues
so sick
i told you
i am choking
when i try too breath
it would be such a relief

i am down on my knees
let the dream die

nothing left to see
let the dream die

an eye for an eye
both are crying
just stop trying
let it slip
it's just a dream
and it just dying
a knife to cut the cosmos
into pieces
the search for truth
is not negotiable
cut down
all the way
to the dark matter bone
with eagle eyes and talons
doesn't matter if the rocks are screaming
if the trees are bleeding
they are bleeding out facts
and that's that
i bet at night he prays for X-Ray eyes
in the morning stating gods a lie
oh time is going by
and in the end
we all listen
to sweet songs composed in the afterlife
And in the end
it didn't last
the past did outrun
the present

so without a future
our minds turned away
from a life that seemed worth living

the gift stopped it's giving
and two pawns moved away
to either side
of the chessboard

both we shrugged it off
fates hands did the moving
and afterwards
nothing left
and no one's right

Oh my soul
is now living on
teaspoons of love
teaspoons of love
teaspoons of love
can i return
into the dream
it is made by force
it has weight
it fakes death
i know
gods plan
has to be that way
but i don't want to stay
i want to return
into the dream
were my heart
can i please go home
to a place
of the cosmos
where you and i
are not apart anymore
where all the colors
are a swirl
and all
is turned back
into one
two fish
inside the world-sized ocean
both alike
yet apart
My, my
a flame flickering
from above
making it wince

is it too dark?
to chose a direction?
My, my
don't you know?
a faltering fire
will surely dye out

there is a word
that is more than just a word
you want your cause to be lasting?
this is the thing
you should be asking for

More or less?
My, my
you digress
and again
and again
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