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Raffael Oct 6
can i return
into the dream
it is made by force
it has weight
it fakes death
i know
gods plan
has to be that way
but i don't want to stay
i want to return
into the dream
were my heart
can i please go home
to a place
of the cosmos
where you and i
are not apart anymore
where all the colors
are a swirl
and all
is turned back
into one
Raffael Aug 2018
skipping work
on a wednesday
to watch classic simpsons episodes with you
i ain't got a clue
what anyone is up to
i read the back of a shampoo bottle
when i am bored
the cat is rubbing
it's head against the chairs leg
just like that
just like always

outside the window
pretty people are passing by
i just sit here
with a tear in my eye
drinking up the time
stacking the bottles to the ceiling
thinking of her
is giving me a good feeling
but the feeling is fleeting
just like that
just like always

i watched that cartoon
guess what?
i am watching it again
oh me, oh my
i guess i am a just a little boy
in gods big ol' world
Raffael Jun 2018
two fish
inside the world-sized ocean
both alike
yet apart
Raffael May 2018
My, my
a flame flickering
from above
making it wince

is it too dark?
to chose a direction?
My, my
don't you know?
a faltering fire
will surely dye out

there is a word
that is more than just a word
you want your cause to be lasting?
this is the thing
you should be asking for

More or less?
My, my
you digress
and again
and again
Raffael May 2018
He fell into the space
that bridges the distance
between the stars

his mind turned to fume
or fog
or something of that matter
floating words
ideas erupting
colliding thoughts

He fell into the new world
born again into a blackness
a vast swirl
of his very own mind
and through the curtains
he stumbled
pushing them to the side
one at the time

He felt a change
in his nature
but nothing too strange
a state of fading
but some parts where still remaining
like a flame
blown out
becomes the smoke

An invisible hand
took him and dug him
down into the world
underneath the worlds
way down
way down and deep
right into the center
of the mystery of sleep
Raffael Aug 2017
I was going up the hill
to watch the Perseids
with no dream in my heart
when i came back
i had out-wished
all the shooting stars
Raffael Aug 2017
the sound of my cat
sharpening its claws on the carpet
- why do you never listen?
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