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Ash rains down,
Your eyes open as you can see the, mud ,blood and fire around you,
With all your might you push forward,
Pulling yourself across the waistland of dispare,
Sulphur burns the nostrils, and eyes,
But you'll push on,

Chest burning as you try to breathe,
Dieing with each gasp your stride on,
In time you see others, death breathing down there neck as he dose yours.
Alexander May 15
A million thing to say,
A billion ideas scrambled,
But your words,
" what's it mater?" ,
Remain clear,
So so what's there to say,
For a short time,
I got to make you smile,
And oh what a smile,
For a short time,
I got to make you laugh,
And what a memorable laugh,
But what's it matter?
3 days to make a connection,
4 to share a kiss,
6 to develop desire,
2 weeks to build up the joy,
And 3 weeks to build up emotion,
To me that's a beautiful thing,
Something wonderful,
Something cherished,

But what's it matter,
As my words fall short,
My actions contort,
My mind now distorts,

At a loss for words,
At least the ones that mean something,
If any did.
Alexander Mar 31

8 A.M.
Sun creeps threw those black out curtains,
As I gaze at the beams of light,
I think,

"The hold house I once lived,
I'd look to the light beaming through,
And always see dust",


"Lingering in the air,"

"Always reminding me,
of the dry old houses age,"

Its was calming,
"As calming to me as the ocean,
but so is this fresh air,
Of the new environment."

I check the time again,
8:12 A.M.
"I'll just close my eyes."


So Suddenly,

As the sound of five small engines,

  roars away outside my window,

The lawn crew,
"Must be the last day of the month",


I grin,
A light chuckle,
As a speak quietly to my self,

"Thanks for the good morning fellas"

I step out back to my patios,
Morning air fresh and crisp,

Not as fresh as the air,
Floating  around you at sunrise,
But still,

I close my eyes and take in the warm air,

"Today will be beautiful ",
" and I will enjoy it to my best",

My days usually start with a quiet but confident comment to start with,

Something to help start on a positive note,

Its something I started long ago with my sibling,

But I just never stopped,
Once in a while we need that boost,

From us to our selves.

And so I sit and think about my day before  and my day tomorrow,  lightly putting any intrestes in today,

I breath out a sigh of relief,

"Today's my day,"

I look out at the ducks I've been feeding,
As they start to swim,

" a swim sounds good to me to",

I smile,

I'll have my coffee or a tea, and think of the flavors,

The way re math of my coffee and the sweetness in its froth,

Or the green tea and honey, maybe to much honey,

" I'll chuckle"

But I am calm,



And calm.

"Breakfast?", " i am hungry",
"Eggs and bacon,  a blt?,
Maybe a pb&j,  oh how about a smoothie?"

All the choices I'll make today will make me,



Relax, calm, sound
Alexander Feb 14
I know what the problems are, I know why.
You have something you care about, so do I, you have someone you cherish and keep dear to your heart, and so do I.
These things I understand in complete fruition.

I do not challenge them, not do I intend to replace anything, I know that isn't what you want, nor I.

You, to me are someone of a different nature, a chance encounter, that I won't let slip.

I care and love and want and crave, if not the same, then more then the next.

I had decided long ago I liked you, I've resisted the want to try, simply because I didn't think you'd want me to.

But now this switch has been hit, and I don't want to stop.

I understand these small complications we have, but I understand the care and compassion, the attention and affection.
And I want to embrace it in full.

You to me deserve that, or more, and more.

But that's the complication, you can have, but can't take, you can want but can't yet act, and I know, I know all to well.

Witch just make me want this more.
You more, your smile that laugh those eyes, do you understand I like you?

Maybe more then I say, maybe less then you know.
But I care.

And due to the small situation, of our creation, we have a complication, but that's fine.
Alexander Feb 8
My love, you don't realize how much,
Exactly how much, I love you.
There's a billion moment in every aspect of being at your side I notice, I love and I appreciate, all of them, every one.
There's a trillion reasons why I still love you more by the day ,tomorrow ten trillion more.
There's never enough days in a year, or hours in a day, seconds in a minute, with you near.
Time is never enough, but just enough for love to grow, and continue to.
Your laugh, smile, eyes and the million other things, I will continue to fall in love with, I've loved you since the day the clocks started and the sun's light first shined, and I'll love you until the last second stops, and the moon comes crashing down, and I love you forever after.
Alexander Feb 8
The day was wet,
Fresh with puddles left scattered from the morning rains,
But a beautiful day, wet day,
The breeze picks up,
the sun started to show,
High but hidden, darker clouds roll off.
It's Asif light was made for our path,
I glance to see a smile, simple sweet,
But real, and true, genuine have you.
And the breeze again I see it as your hair picks up, that smile.
Distracted by it again and the look as she looked out,
What could she be thinking,
It's so blissful,
So at peace here,
I'm happy, definitely happy, I'm filled with a warmth like what cake must feel like fresh from the oven full soft warm,
It's this smile I keep noticing,
I can't help it, I can't help but want more of it,
The look she gives me, Asif I'm staring, but I know I am, the next look is nervous, I can't help it.
But we continue her smile lasting for hours, this day, what a wet and wonderful day,
Absolutely stunning.
But my day, my moments.
Alexander Nov 2019
At work busy as ever, my break comes, with that beautiful little icon glowing on my phone, "sms message received", it you again, "hello", a smile warms my face.

A long night and I'm finally heading home, a drive often met with either silence, or my playlist blaring at top notch, but Tonight a new tone, echoed in my car, a voice, so sweet, so honest, so kind, again my face, warm with a smile.

A long week of problems, and a moment alone for an escape, soon that tone again echo's, a beautiful and soft voice, with such a delicate tone, soothing me,
as it flowed threw me.

Soon I find myself in thoughts that bother me, upset about things I can't change, saddened by things beyond me, but again, a glow in the dark at the corner of my couch, "my phone?", "So late?", I glance down,
Only to find you here,
replacing my frown, with what feels like,what could only be describe as a crown.

It's always as simple as your attention.
Simple joys
She brings out the sun.
Simpler happy.
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