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My Dear Poet Dec 2021
I don’t know where it’s been
I just know where it got

I don’t know where it is
I just know where it’s not

I don’t know why or how
I just know where is what
Millie Jul 2019
The closer I get to you
The more I see you slipping through my fingers
Dam* my paranoid mind
Philipa James Feb 2019
Has anyone seen my marbles?
I can't remember when I had them last.
I am sure they are around here somewhere, oh dam and blast!

Has anyone seen my marbles?
I am sure those pesky kids have had them away.
Maybe if you see them, you can return them to me someday.

Has anyone seen my marbles?
To survive half term without them, impossible it would be.
Please, oh please, if you see them bring my marbles back to me!
Surving half term lol
Kalliope Oct 2018
Everyday I come home
I eat dinner at
My table of selfpity
To watch old memories play on
My television of self doubt
Showering in jealousy and hate
Finally forcing sleep on
My bed of loneliness
Self destructive
I can't stop
I'm just a prop
Rob Sandman Nov 2016
Theme/Chorus,many voices,(call and response)
is it the worst thing ever?/ITS THE WORST THING EVER,is it the worst thing ever?/ITS THE ****** WORST THING EVER!/
Sample Ice-T
"I stare at them blue lines,I think I'mma go blind"

I'm goin crazy cuckoo,finally losing it,
trapped in my gravel pit,rehashing my own ****,
my old ****-still holding me back,
may as well get a pipe and start puffin' up crack,
cos I've cracked,and frankly don't give a ****,
I'm so sick of bangin' my head off this mental block,
its the size of a freight train-Strength of the Hulk,
you really think I wanna ******' sit here and sulk?,
you leeches... keep preachin' deceit,
one more fake smile,OOPS there go teeth...
was that a piece of your jaw on the floor that I saw?
was that real or a dream, I can't tell any more?
each rhyme I write-so ******* tight,
like your first piece of ***-first nasty fight,
first make up ***- first broke up ex,
my mates just stare at me perplexed

when I bare the holes in my soul to all,
I dunno whether I'm gonna get cheers or catcalls,
but don't worry bout that I got plenty of boots,
and I'll kick your ****** ***** til they're bigger than grapefruits,
I'm a live grenade throwin serenades,
So ******* sick I gave cancer aids,
Sandman-sicker than cancer cells in the cerebellum,
Si vis pacem, para bellum ,cause I'm prepared for warfare
I don't advise goin there ,
you'll find limpet mines in your ***** hair,
I'll blow the scabs off the ***** on a filthy *****,
if I have to- I have to to scratch this itch
in the centre of my mind like a black hole Sun,
this mental block has got me all undone...
I swear if I don't finish a track I'll drop dead...
wait a minute...I just ******' well did!

so much for mental blocks Mhmm?
but seriously-y'all ladies and fellas-
is it the worst thing ever?/ ITS THE WORST THING EVER ,
is it the worst thing ever?/ ITS THE ****** WORST THING EVER! /

**"then the beat becomes me,sit in the dark and write a whole ******' LP"
straight fulla hate and smokin hot out the gate you *******!
"Si vis pacem, para bellum"-"If you want peace, prepare for war"
Carissa Aug 2015
It's the saddest thing
That smile
To see it
To love it
To breathe it
And to know that it's
Meg Howell Jan 2015
Headed towards you like a bullet
Winds up to 105 mph they say
Sweeping, spinning, stirring
Power is out of your hands
Fear will take over
Helplessness is your aura
And lost control is your essence
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
I lost my last little marble
My marble had gotten away

I lost the last of my marbles
My last marble is gone, I say

I lost my very last marble
I can't find my marble, no way

I lost the last precious marble
My marble could not stand to stay

'Round the corner rolls my marble
My last marble came back, today

I now have back my last marble
With one left, I should be okay
I was going crazy at work right before I wrote this. I felt like I was... well... Losing my marbles. And then I looked down and saw something glimmering on the ground. And wouldn't you know it? It was a pretty, little marble. So I put it in my pocket, and every time I'd start to feel crazy I'd grab my marble. And I knew I'd be okay.
WistfulHope Dec 2014
When he is hundreds of miles away
When he is right in front of you
When he forgets to talk to you
When he simply says hi
When he kisses another girl
When he surfaces in your memory
When he encourages you to meet new people
When he wants to meet up again
When he has to go back
When he forgets you as days turn into years
When he speaks to you less than his family does
When he tells you he loves you
When he introduces you as his friend
When he introduces you as a girl he used to know
Wow... writing this made me wicked sad...
About one guy or more...? Whatever, it doesn't really matter.
- - -
Guys, I'm so ******* lonely. I think the holidays are making me worse. :(
"Stay Strong"

I improvised on the whole "ten words" simple technicality, deal with it.
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