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If one wants to
Play with the child
Let one be
More childish
To enjoy the flow

Remember that

Never dare to
Play with the sages
They live unattached
Mastering what to sense
When to response

Remember that
Genre: Experimenatal
Theme: If two individuals have different conscience, one is ultimately out of track
Gary Jul 2014
Did you ever try to talk to the sky,
During its rain?
Did you ever try to explain,
To the clouds and stars,
Of your pain?

Did you ever want to be another soul, in a different time?

A time when time was a bit more giving,
A time when all there was,
Was giving.
Do you remember?


A time for you and I,
Time to listen,
And extinguish all lies.

Did you ever try to speak to our sky?
Did you ever trust,
Never to question why?

Prayers to the rain,
Of you and I.
Cleansing our soul,
Seeing our light.

Guided memory,
Sights acceptance of clarity.
Do you remember, your inner beings
Inner sanctuary.

— The End —