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Quin Rosenheart Aug 2018
You bring me up
When I feel down
You turn my frown
Upside down

I know it sounds cliche
But you're everything
My night and day
Kelly Truong Aug 2018
The roses bloom around a house
Reaching over the roof and into the clouds
The thorns pierces the windows
And the roots becomes the floor I stand on

The living room becomes uninhabitable
With glass shattered on the sofa,
The TV split into two
And the air becoming unbreathable

The kitchen is full of insecurities
With rotting food in the fridge,
The missing knifes found in the tub,
And the family table with lost chairs

As a family we protect a single room
The walls are covered with mirrors
Gifted invincibility by our imagination
We stare at our reflection in wonder

Our shoulders are back
Confidence in our eyes
Our head is held high
And into the clouds

We became lost in our protection
Unable to see what is below
Until the dark and bright clouds part
Allowing the star to pierce the sky

It's is a fact that when there is more light
Our shadows become fed
Growing darker than before
And whispers into our ears

We believed we were giants
Taller than our house
And one with the roses
Wanting to seek the blue sky

Instead we trapped ourselves into the clouds
Becoming lost children
Who ignored the open window
And got pricked by a rose

We were smaller than our disguise
Once there was nothing left to compare to
Light shun into the room of mirrors
Leaving a broken family in sight

But we were all addicted
To the beauty of the roses
Who petals became clouds
And the stems that became ladders
pearson Feb 2016
Hello Day
Goodbye Night
I've gotten tired watching you fight

Until next year
When the dawn will flee
It seems like to beyond the sea

The dusk will stay behind
Under the mothers wing, how kind
Of her to hold on tight

But this girl's lover has fled for the light
About the same two people. I'm so sad he has to go.
Yhinyhin Tan Dec 2015
How I wish I may not lose you on my sight
Because as of now all I want is to hold your hand so tight.
If only I can stay with you all my nights
Until we see the touch of light so bright.

You didn't know I was afraid the first time we met
Because from the start you made my heart melted.
You caught my heart using your invisible net
Keep this, when I met you in the internet- I swear I have no regrets!
That day I met you was the best day I ever had with you, ****! Lol

— The End —