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J Mathew Jun 2020
Everything around us shines like a diamond,
But we are trap in a quagmire of cons.
Nepotism, Conspiracy and Conspicuous consumption,
Has chain our real life and precious redemption.

Trapped in fear and others overpower,
A slave we are at our back, nothing is clear.
What happened to this world that was once so dear
We are no longer our own master but just someone's gear.

As days, weeks, months and years roll by
Hoping for a change one day while we thrive.
Never will it happened in this life
Unless we really open our eyes.

While they were smiling and in a lifeline,
We never understood what's behind their minds.
And now when their photos remain just a shrine
We see their real talent and act like we are so kind.

Stop pretending like you care now when they're  gone.
What's done can never be undone.
Posting condolences now and mourn
Are so fake and have no place in a dustbin when they're thrown
This is what I wrote for one of my actor who I really liked in Bollywood because of depression he took his precious life and all this is because he has gone through a lot of fights against injustice
Path Humble Apr 2018
By Harlon Rivers; sent to me in a message

A simple man walks a twisted lifeline
a Path Humble, seldom seen or said.
He often hears from river edge,
watching the simple beauty echo
in the harmony of river's song.

And in the green and peacefulness
a rare light enkindleth a pleasant gladness,
A timeworn body needs a place to catch a breath
for a while, for a while...

Where the wisdom of windblown silence beckons
muted whispers without a home …
for to lay down unerasable burdens unshed
for a while , for a while...
Aspen May 2020
I grasp onto the lifeline
That keeps us afloat
But it seems that
You have already given up
You let go of not just me
But of us
Friendship is quite complicated sometimes. Especially when you are trying to maintain a long-distance one. At this age, it is quite hard to see the people who you used to be so close with, that meant so much to you, become strangers once they move far away while your stuck in the place that both of you grew up...
Brooke Feb 2020
My thoughts are racing
And my heart rate’s climbing
I wish I knew
how to calm down

But once the spinning starts
It’s impossible to stop
The crazy seeps in and
I can’t make out

A single thought
My mind becomes a blur
And my breathing, stops
Or so it seems to me

It feels like I can’t breathe
But maybe that’s just my lungs
Failing me
The way my mind breaks me

I wish I had a way
To escape this pain
To release this fear
That I am holding, onto

It looks like a lifeline
But it’s a sinking weight
That pulls me down with every wave
Of every mistake that I will make

My logic has abandoned me
and i can’t think straight
Idklove Jan 2020
Mothers are a blessing from above 
They are angels of love 
Sacrifices of their life cannot be count
We can't see their divine karma account
Picked up from grief and supports our
Lives they love us every second of the hours.
In front of their life diamonds are worthless.
Because in them all creatures exist like in our mother earth.
Mothers are blessing from above
And we always worship their never-ending eternal love!
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
it takes you to the frosted basin
it wraps you in the floating glass
it means to make you mindful
and you

make yourself louder

and rush the ice from your veins
and you
make yourself the peace
and you will breathe
from over the colder water.
XPY Dec 2019
I clung to you like a lifeline-
A floating buoy in a violent sea
But when I let go of you
Into the deep, deep
I found that I had gills—
And I could breathe.
XPY 12-8-19
Lovely little sister
Inseparable friend
Through the sweet and bitter
You are here to the end

To me you are an angel in disguise.
Full of intuition, you are intelligent and wise.
You are my guiding star.You are my shining light.
You are my everything, what helps me through the night.

Always giving and helping through good times and bad.
You are the best friend I've ever had.
Through trials and tests, right by me you stood,
And you gave me your hand whenever you could.

You're in my heart and my prayers.
I'll wipe your tears, I'll get rid of your fears.
Whenever I have gone through some cloudy days,
You've been my sunshine in so many ways.

You are my heart.You are my soul.
You are my savoir,who makes me feel whole
If I had one wish, it would surely be
To give you as much as you've given to me.

You are many things, but most of all you're my sister and my friend
My gratitude for you has no end

          ©Words of a withering soul
I only wish you were my real sister
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