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Brooke 4d
Loud voices surround me like flames
And yet I am frozen into place
Unable to move
Unable to speak
Only able to listen
I am frozen into place
Unable to escape
Trapped by your expectations
Tortured by your constant fighting
I want to run
I want to cry
But I am frozen
  Apr 9 Brooke
I need to find a map
A map of my mind
Because lately I’ve been lost
In a labyrinth of emotional suicide
With walls built to the sky
And dead ends everywhere
Maybe I’m stuck here
With no way out
Living this endless cycle
Dying every time I wake
Brooke Mar 31
I have bruises on my legs
From things, I never ran into
I have bruises on my heart
From people, I never meant to let in
Brooke Mar 29
Do you ever want to
Just shut the world out?
Do I you ever wish
That the world would fall away?
No sights
No sounds
No feeling at all
Only you and the emptiness
Brooke Mar 27
You know me
At least you think you do
But you only know the me
That I let others see
You don't truly know me
You know facts

The real me is so much deeper
So much darker
You don't know what I keep inside
Afraid to let out
You don't know a lot of things

You don't know that every second I'm awake
is a battle for my life
You don't know that I cry myself to sleep
At night
You certainly don't know that there's a voice inside my head
Always screaming death
You don't know that I bleed to keep myself alive
Because lately
That voice is starting to make a lot more sense
And you have no idea how much it means to me
When you say that you care
You don't know so many things
When all you had to do was ask
Brooke Mar 27
Today I painted my nails red
For the sole reminder that I am not dead
  Mar 26 Brooke
Tony Tweedy
I spent most of my life learning how to cry.
I will spend the rest of it learning how to stop.
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