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Brooke May 2020
It took falling into the ocean
To notice the beauty of the sky
It took drowning for a while to recognize
The necessity of breathing
It took letting you save me, to know
The measure of your love
Brooke May 2020
Am I nothing more than these thoughts that
I think?
Am I nothing more than the words that
I breathe?
Am I nothing more than the feelings that
I endure?
Am I nothing more than the scars that
I carve?
Am I nothing more than the times that
I try to end my life
If I am nothing more than all these things
Then why am I still alive?
Brooke May 2020
Take a look at the trees
The sunflowers, and things
all stretching towards the sun
In earnest desire

They twist and they turn
They bend and they bow
As they reach for the sun
Their source, of life

They might get burned
They might get drowned
Yet still
They hold their Ground

How I wish I was
Those trees
Bending not breaking
Growing, despite so many things
Brooke Feb 2020
My tears hit the floor
With every crushing word
You scream at me

Freezing me
Consuming me
Killing me

Again and again
Again and again
What day will my pain end?
Brooke Feb 2020
My thoughts are racing
And my heart rate’s climbing
I wish I knew
how to calm down

But once the spinning starts
It’s impossible to stop
The crazy seeps in and
I can’t make out

A single thought
My mind becomes a blur
And my breathing, stops
Or so it seems to me

It feels like I can’t breathe
But maybe that’s just my lungs
Failing me
The way my mind breaks me

I wish I had a way
To escape this pain
To release this fear
That I am holding, onto

It looks like a lifeline
But it’s a sinking weight
That pulls me down with every wave
Of every mistake that I will make

My logic has abandoned me
and i can’t think straight
Brooke Feb 2020
You see the marker
On my hands
But not the cuts
Upon my wrists
Brooke Feb 2020
Does growing up mean, forgetting?
About all the people I've known till now
Does growing up mean, letting go?
Of who I was, many years ago
Does growing up mean, forgiving?
The trauma I've had to heal from
Does growing up mean, losing you?
The only one, who got me through
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