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Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Deeper scars I deliberately left to the strangeness. faint romantic notions suddenly cosmatted in my soul when I felt it was all over! Surprised, dumbfounded, I looked wordlessly around: what could I do with the life I had left?! The **** of my hangman's days had been pushed down by calculating old age. On my face yawned the cellular yawn of perpetual weariness, while the majority outside could not know it was all a sham!

Cheerful expressions, grimace-inducing holy smiles seemed to be paint that could be applied many times: secret disguises masks that could only harden with time! - There in there: in the depths of a child's foolish soul, conjurable spirit-beings stir and nestle. I run along parallel pairs of rails running back into myself, and I cannot play recklessly and carelessly when the chessboard of Existence calls: there all goes sharp!

For I have always thought of foreseeable evil, And digested it like a boiling caldron. My troubled soul constantly wanted to throw out its upset waves; an inner umbilical cord was much needed, which would lead through secret, invisible corridors boldly into the mysteries of the other body. Listening, like the vigilantly curious, till Life calls at last, and may not pass through the magic circle. A fine snare, a deceptive trap. The imprint of our lives infected with exceptionalism; the truths of honest eyes should be relearned and spoken!

In our slow castle-circles the bliss of another-self is ever waiting, And the membrane-thin instincts of touch are vulnerable to further wounding by conscious love-lust!
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Each tear is already searching for smothering trenches in the frames of faces; slowly, gradually, the happy, jubilant joy ready to show itself is fulfilled, and the pretended but real sadness is realised. The delicate telescopes of the ear-cups are wound up by harsh, turbocharged bomb-quarrels, leprous howls. Untouchable and often incomprehensible is the pain of all the sorrow that trembles! The pregnant alarm bells hidden in the depths of the soul ring differently each time, and in different ghostly tones.

And perhaps every fearful loneliness may have somewhere a preconceived pair of opposites.  Truth-ness is never visible on the inner walls of their eyelids. In the inner soul-reaches, the vocal cords of Being are constantly changing! When we look at faces, almost everything is dull and fades away - but sincere emotions can be recorded crystal clear even in a streaming tomorrow! Compliments handed down from saintly romances, and curtsy etiquette that only "some" can understand!

In the meaningful moments of materialized lives, the death of the deed must once be captured in action, so that we may dare to be ourselves in silence and hope anew! - The dafke-furnishing charade: brainwashed, accumulated, enriched, syrupy tactfulness, and the phlegmatic-parochial boorish manners dictating fashion-trend, has been taken more and more seriously. Valuable treasure-houses are thus allowed to pass away and fall into *****-smelling oblivion. Give or take a few decades, and those who were once deliberately crucified by the luxury-eye-losing tabloid media for their cultural eccentricities can win themselves prestigious, laurel-coloured prizes merely for the worthy cause of their death!

Even former exotic beauties are only remembered by broken nail clippings...
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Man-watching, starry-eyed flame Why does it promise stubborn, headstrong Hope only to others?! You tell me, fair lady, the real, the crystal-truth! Dog-hatred and jackal-hatred become blood nowadays, And vague hopefulness breeds in the place of conscious realizations; Ideas are easily crushed! From our hesitant self-defeating chess-steps only Waste springs! The ******, outcast secret of decipherable end-points; the thundering purr of ruby drops of blood in the wound-litter of beating hearts threatened with infarction is evident!

He who daily serves the ivory-Culture experiences a whirlwind! From the twilight of disillusionment a safe and reliable way is seldom found! The cosmic downfalls of groaningly cicentric life-paths guarantee success for powerful oligarchic generals to dictate new, selfish terms! - Spiral Life wraps itself around itself like a shoelace: if it could, it would abuse its born creation to grab privileges!

From bone-lungs oozes syrupy-murderous silence, like hard-healed wounds! Even now the memories of the past carry dagger-edged cares to our feet; dreams are cherished by the babble of babes, and vows are made by the unruly Heart within itself! - Under the pathetic Existence, as a gesture of exalted dignity, prison walls are erected for the incomprehensible ****** of the stumbling obstacles! How does the over-dimensioned, pedestalized Man manage in the catacombs of consumer societies?!
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Like a hornet's nest - in the apostate hearts of men the knocking hatred is nesting! To the siege-voices of preaching preached in the form of incantations of incomprehension, too many are silent! Hyena-bellied, black-robed hirelings and muscle-meat-tower ******! Serpent-clouds in a lost confusion of purpose in the decaying present! Even he contemplates endless retribution Who at first proclaimed unity and demanded a soul-cleansing at every level; The accomplice and the jackal-talking shieder also forget their wicked deeds with purpose!

Like the drunkard who knocked the whisky and tequila-butcher's bottles on tap and spills his brown excrement into telephone boxes - into the gaping chasm of Theiraesia, here we go together! Their human dignity is being replaced all at once! From stripped human flesh their crunching bones will remain; to dust they will be but witnesses! It would be worth every empathetic-tolerant thought to finally act together with One-Akarat! In ourselves, we are a sneaky businessman with a silk purse!

Every hateful Satanic look is an eternal question: the future should bring change! - In one place, like cowards, unable to compromise, we have been stumbling in one place for many years in the heart of old Europe! Only a momentary idea to save the day is left: it is necessary to dress up promises that are full of holes and slipping away in circus costumes, because the loss should always be embellished!
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
I would like to cling at last to a rock of refuge, which has an angel face; which does not judge in vain, and does not sue. It stretches out its angel-winged back to me, And like a sure fortress it protects me impregnable! In my eyes I would have such a lady of backbone, Who with her superstitious holy glance Would lift me from the hell of the muddy earth, When all is not well in this world.

In all the minutes of eternity, two faithful petals of a flower, Our heart's voice would tremble for each other, And the deceitful, ***** play of our thinking minds Would be the romantic music of our naughty kisses. In naked bodies, confessing and confessing each other, we would solemnly open ourselves to the other, as the Alpha beginning of primeval creations. Perhaps we could heal the stigmata of the stateless-prodigal Time, which daily bites into us with its executioner's claws.

The Nihil-claws of murderous nails do not matter to him who is protected and lifted up daily by the power of enduring, secure love! In the still countable bliss of our presence, radiant in its earthly surplus, we may yet feel the mysterious-secret serenades of our throbbing echoing hearts; on the cherishing soul's mart of water-lily leaves, may we discover each other at last, like curious, deceitful little children; in mischievous-playful joy-curiosity! - What an incredible force of spirit could feed the meeting we have arranged!

The friend and the stranger would walk towards each other, and when we took each other's sweating hand, we could both rejoice!
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
The silent, statuesque shadows of timelessness are cast on everyone, if the mouth yawns in a single expressive movement, the eyes sparkle - as a light-hearted, silent blindfold, we try to capture the happy golden age of our memories as realistically as possible, and create it in Reality! We are softly embraced by the music of the flocks of birds waiting for Spring. The holy gentle melody of the tiny and inviting bells, running on the babbling wind, makes our beating hearts beat!

Long distances can be shortened at any time - thanks to the hyper-networks of our digital age! The double news-beat of joy-sharing echoes our richly beating heartbeat! The prophet-trones of balmy, brooding nights are touched by the budding love-fly; and it matters not when, or by whom, the immortal metamorphoses of kisses among the swarming, nubile desires of the wombs! - To the identity thought lost, all can find it again!

From a single gesture, a universal cosmic compassion, or a great spectacle stuck in silence! In the deception, the chase and the pursuit of hopes may yet remain! We should engrave in everyone's soul the Goodness that dwells in everyone, as another strange sacrifice...
Norbert Tasev Feb 2022
Because it can do nothing else: in an eternal circle of flight, the helpless man advances like an ant! The Möbius ladder of transactions is deliberately avoided or chewed up! It seems a boorish, outcast, degenerative homage to perceive something of our own superficial world without the seeing mirrors of searching eyes! From the settling shadows of ghost-moons Springing on the velvet of our nights Silent shadows of night menacingly stare!

It would be good to believe that the hearts of our modern, mischievous children are not yet tainted with deceit; it may seem a cosmic eviction order to deprive us of eternal playful curiosity by "some"! For he who has already become a participant in a premeditated plot cannot yet be sure of playing his role of imporvizator credibly; the night that is being built cannot be enclosed by anything but a sinister darkness of the underworld! A chilly imperturbability fills the air: the palpable Omnipresence is enriched with a strange mixture of pitch and paste!

In webs of lies insidious breeding dwells; deceivable, radiant lights fall on dying, pale moonbeams! Into a fading Nivive-nince the throbbing human soul becomes! Like a rattling robber-lock now clicks on the throbbing heart of us all, Iron-clasped, locked padlock! - The uncertain Future is already a soundless, outcast wolf-confrontation with conscious despair! In the cold space of a voidless Arctic, only the vulnerable can remain soberly clear, silently awake!

In the pearl-veils of sincerities that open the cloud-fractures of eyes, the immortality of the moment trembles!
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
If I could still have a clinging, wide, hopeful hope; When in the cell-deep of my home I could bend my discouraged, shipwrecked head In my sweetheart's balmy, cradling lap; When our beating heartbeats in the bantering Universe would blaze As they would be reconciled together, and the Past would hold easy, useful trophies, Or secrets of prey! Even if the pieces of Existence were exchanged in a chess-board order on the plane of our little lives, love as a sure point of exit for our restless hearts!

If I could have a comfortable, cushioned rocking-chair; I would be lulled by the pearly, truth-telling voice of my angel, As when she cellists in a spacious concert hall, In evening gowns of protection! I would open the ghastly-grimacing scars of my soul, and let its caressing, dandified kisses dangle the sins of my unworthy years of *******! In an embracing, romantic meeting, the holy birth-moment of Immortality might be found!

We would feel, in a time of distress, our musical heart-chalice throbbing together! With its roaring waves would sing tiny, secret echo-choes of autumn's Theiresias-walves above us: nor on steep Sisyphus-paths would we give Fate her rightful sanction to give up the goal, and feel ourselves smaller! Nor should we now, in the foreseeable world, necessarily distress ourselves as two orphaned children!

It would be a fabulous, dreamy consolation, a true, priceless treasure-gift, if we could see together, in the sacred sparks of cherishing halo-eyes, the happy-sadness of our late childhood, and cease all petty anxiety at the sneaking portents of the Coming!
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
From the torn stillness of nights it rips with a thunder, A capricious edge, a wide tear of memory's storms! Rust-resistant, twisted honey-coloured pitch bubbles, While from the distance some forlorn desert of stone Seems to rise and rise in search! Purple Sisyphean rocks teach patience, and mature silence for themselves, To prophet-wise, and to those who pass through themselves!

Sunyin yet ***** the end-shadow of the red-skinned skeleton-sidereptile, declaring war on the screeching flocks of ravens! Let the well-known, acute or even trivialised lies begin: the obligatory, preaching holy commandment of saving lives, and unworthy, reengineered echo-songs that the mouldy plaster on the walls of our health care system is getting more and more rotten, and the cracks in the wards are growing! - We can only rarely count on the kind attention of our mortal, and therefore evolving, brother states!

A swarm of pigeons, falling from low heights, splashes over our heads, and some would sell the final product for sweets, if it were all that could be gained by the deliberate explosion of sound they themselves create, to enliven their wealth, the truth they have dripped is clogged up! The proliferation of idiotic, idiotic exceptionalism in a self-expanding space is incomprehensible; idiotic constructions should be replaced by stable and balanced production instead of the brainlessness of oligarchs!

Caravan routes often **** in the lost man if he is not careful! Self-righteously, who can still dare to swing stubbornly confidently in people's tin-can ring cannot remain in his honesty!
Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
When can I finally see stars trembling in deer eyes that greet with bright Sun smiles? When can I wait for dawn without fear? There are all questions within me and because I always stop in front of barriers and borders to seek the wise advice of others: I would cling to sincere, sincere Friendships like a hesitant groper whose only shimmer lights can shine with hope! The expanding Universe has been playing with banded stars for millions of years!
Maybe it can withstand people, and it would be so good if my stray soul could embrace the Happiness I find! Sometimes I feel a sigh of nothing; the One who has been torn from an infinite number of chains, with whom the "Big Ones" are making fun of mocking games, murderous jokes! - The wave murmur of twisted vortices many times supports Apocalypse and there is no one who could stand by me in the final troubles, because Something is broken, the reliable handshakes of the alliance are broken!
I deliberately fear the unpredictable, impending Death; executioner's True Beads weep in my crater eyes; and I always remind myself that the passing is carried within us and our secrets can only be hidden by the Deep Night! Gently resounding hardened fountains should be comforted in the depths of the broken Spirit so that he can trust again, for the barking Lonely ones are already sleepless! - As a geyser, my desire to finally find my inner salvation next to the immortal cosmics of the Universe and to be happy even when the daily weight of troubles is in my tracks!
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