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Palpebra Oct 2020
.                                         y
                                        e  e
                                       n    t
                                       i      y
                                     m      o
                                     e        u
                                    b          o
           e  a                  r           w
         h      r               e             n
You r        t shall   ev             m     line....
                              n                  y    e 
                                                    l   f
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
To my cardiologist colleagues
These days I don’t waste time
Doing nonsense trials

Have any person without a soul,
Suffered heart attack?

If ever had,
Let me see their,

I want to know,
How it looks like
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
People change
They have a beating heart

Else, never will they.
Genre: Rational
Theme: Inspired from ECG changes, truth of life, life changing moment
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Early morning pulse
Felt nostalgic
Missed “P” waves
Being Alchemist

Words in motion
With a memory shared
Toss and turns
Reasoning reborn
Inside a neutral brain
Melodic Illusion
Of a memory express
Grant one more day
Master of a fate
Begin a story
Mirroring self
Journey of endurance
With an epic end
A last victory
The essence of smile

Begin an experiment
Then, life comes to life
Sign of a fluorescence life
Genre: Clinical Inspirational
Donna Sep 2017
Our hearts draw a
picture of hills walking
towards the sun
Chris Weallans Jun 2014

They showed the broken rhythm of my heart
With inky ripples traced in peaks and troughs
The night when sudden life was torn apart
Left echoes like a dry persistant cough
This paper trail more signature of self
Than any scribbled scrawl of given names
More indication of my vital health
Than any poet’s talk of light or flames
My quick survival charted there as fact.
“And here, you see a murmured aftershock”
The remnant spider scribe of heart attack
My ailing pulse, my brittle ticking tock
Once took a moment’s beat to catch its breath
And left me reeling at the edge of death.

— The End —