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Nupur Jan 2020
Hiding behind the mask
hiding the true identity
no one has the gut to play forward
Pretending friend on your face
behind back act like an enemy

lies are on their lips
riding on a doomed ships
lost all the humanity in an indecent world
busy in playing their own dirt tricks

Moving with the useless crowd
with their eyes close
no idea of their own skill
just taking the easy route and make it slow

Everyone carrying two faces with them
not one of them is a real one
wander who they want to become
by not disclosing their true self to anyone

In a world which is so shady
no one here to believe
lost all the respect and conscience
juts walking with the people full of nonsense
Nupur Jan 2020
The young me
with my old friend
looking at far away
to see the new trend

Hope is i can look for
with a more close look
eyes on my goal
waiting for my new chapter in my book

I and my friend are happy with each other
can sense the whole world
just by sitting together
Smile and i feel happy
at least we are with each other in a this world which is so shady

An era of adventure is about to begin
we are ready to have some thrill and fun
wait world! here we come!
to show you the side that can make you shun!

We arent naughty just being ourselves
this is us and proud of being with my self
no fakeness and nothing to hide
Get along with us on this fun filled ride!
Nupur Nov 2019
The day you left me
I lost myself
My world shattered
and all began to disappear

I had no idea about my next move
I cried all day and night
The world ends for me
it was not a pleasant sight

I missed you
I loved you
You turn away from me
and make my life ruin

I overcome the feeling
of not having you around
I came back from the depression
thinking not of you but all the wound

I regain my self and my power
still hoping for love to find me
I am not disheartened
that you move on
i think thats the best part that i feel myself free

I found myself when i lost you
seeing the world in a new different way
There is always a lesson to learn
And a beginning of new day

With all the hope and ray of sunshine
moving on with a flow
life moves on and doesn't stop
we met we parted and we let go
Nupur Sep 2019
Another Year has been passed
No Regrets in my heart
I turned a year older today
with choice of choosing another path

Sun Shines upon me
With the morning comes a new day
Once again that life is waiting
Full of actions and adventures on my way

A Lil older and mature
Some stays and some are gone
Still have no clue in my head
Where my life is taking me with each breath

The Path is unknown so am I
Filed with tears in my eyes
Its not that i am afraid
Just because I have no one to hate

Its a beginning of a new chapter
Confused and yes still scattered
What beholds the future
I leave that onto God
I know he will look after

Today i turned an year older
Now i have nothing to fear
Facing the challenges with more toughness
showing a side of a grown up with some silliness

Gazing at the stars
is still what i like
Age is nothing but a number
My time has come to strike

Being alone is not that kills me
The society that is so vulnerable
makes it hard to be at peace
We are what we want to be
Here to give an example of humanity
and let other lives to live with dignity.
Nupur Sep 2019
Have no fear
When we are here
Have no fear
When we are so near

Dont get scared
Dont be afraid
Its just the situation
dont let that smile to be fade

Have no Fear
Its alright my dear
We are living in a world of change
Where you cant gauge who is going to leave or who s going to stay

Bloomy days are just around the corner
We celebrate with joy and laughter
have some patience and dont loose hope
there is no room for a deadly fear

Fear is in the head
let it be covered
step out speak loud
go out and discovered

Have no fear
do not shed tears
you will get what you deserve
There is a purpose out there
which you have to serve

Reach the mountains
touch the sky
broaden your horizon
and the limits are high
Fear is no where close to you
close your eyes and
take a leap of faith
which is inside calling you
Nupur Sep 2019
What a wonderful World
We are surrounded by
The People and the places
and the birds that fly

God has created this beauty
to protect it, is our duty
the nature calls for an action
let spread the peace
without any fraction

The sky, the rivers, the standing tall trees
mesmerize the beauty, the deep blue sea
Heaven is here on earth that God has created for us
The moon shining on and darkness reveals the stars
Lets make this world worth living
this place is for love and not for war!!
Nupur Aug 2019
I know i am involved in so many sins
I know i am not worthy of forgive
You my Lord has seen me into pieces
I ll soon be turn into ashes

As a human i do mistakes
i do repeat with abundance of retakes
You have always hold my hand in trouble
I am at your feet and asking to get me out of this struggle

You my Lord always treat me like your own child
On each and every mistake, you punish me on time
You taught me a lesson upon my every fault
before you, my Lord, my life and my soul put at halt

The stars showed me the light
The hope and to make my future bright
After all the shadiness that I am been into
The heaven calls me to take a look of the sight

O lord! I may be no one for you
But I always thankful by showing my gratitude
You showed me the path and the hope pf ray
To deal with the problems which comes my way

You give me so much in my life
Love me, hate me while keeping my sins aside
The love that you bestowed upon me
Keep me spirit so high

The time when it was difficult to survive
I had no one at my beside
You took care of me whole heartedly
And show me the light that guide
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