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Never again will I say "I love you,"
Not once was the feeling returned;
But I swear by heaven above you,
I'll regard this as a lesson learned

Maybe I will miss him from time to time,
But he'll never hear it from me;
And I might cry at the midnight chime
For this pipe dream that could never be

But for a few moments I wore a smile
That had been lost to lonely tears;
Happiness walked with me for a while,
Displacing the pain of bygone years

Why do our hearts engage in foolish games?
When someone wins, someone must lose;
And when our dreams have gone up in flames,
Self-reproach comes to collect its dues

Then Hope raised its head and spoke to my heart:
"If you don't play, how can you win?
Forget the past and make a fresh start ...... "
Oh, what the hell, let the games begin!
What would my reaction be
If love appeared unexpectedly?
Would I be swept off my feet?
Would my glad heart skip a beat?
Or would I cower, then retreat?

Would my feet suddenly grow wings?
Might I utter foolish things,
And babble incessantly
Like a child with eager glee?
Might I become weak or giddy,
Provoking contempt or pity?

Would I think it's just a dream
Where fantasies reign supreme?
Would I find it quite sublime?
Or simply say "Well, it's about time!"
After waiting for love to appear,
Day after day, year after year

Would my face betray some doubt?
(Long ago, hope's flame burned out!)
Yet, passion still burns in my finger tips,
And desire, so fresh upon my lips

What would my reaction be
If love appeared unexpectedly?
I guess I'll just have to wait and see
  Aug 23 The Misconstrued
My pain, my misery, they fall from the sky
I try to ignore it, but it still gets by.
memories of what could have been,
The hatred screams under my skin.
pulsing through my veins is the anger I feel.
Wounds break open as soon as they seal.
Darkness surrounds me with every step I take.
I manage a smile that i wish wasn't fake
I laugh when people talk to me,
but alone i wonder what they see...?
i promise i'm fine, i am the same
Cuz i know they all have me to blame.
I know the truth, but it's locked in my heart,
And now it's slowly tearing me apart.
walking alone, roaming the halls.
laughing girls, suffocating walls
pierced through my skin, the terror of home
i guess that i'm finally...all alone.
if you dont get the last two lines its fine...but please dont ask.
Slipping through time endlessly,
Come closer, get a better look at me,
Maybe this is as happy as I'll ever be,
Or just maybe I'll wake up from this life if I close my eyes and count to three.
These lines just popped in my head and had to pen them down before I lost them.
if you think writing about you
makes you the one in power
then you are so wrong cause'
you are just another piece
of my unsung song.

if you think leaving you
makes me constantly sad,
then you are so wrong cause'
you are just another story
that I left unsaid.
  Jul 16 The Misconstrued
too soft
Some days I am swimming,
most days I am sinking.
There is never a day where I
can simply just float.
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