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Kissy Marie Oct 2014

Let the strangers be scared again, my dear
It's finally my turn to incite fear
Last time I was your sweet innocent angel
This time I'll be your Jezebel

The underwear you ripped off me and cast beside the chair?
I'll use them to bind your wrists then grab you by the hair.
Then I'll pull your head to the side so I can bite
And scratch and bleed you until your pain turns into delight

I'll kiss you with your blood on my lips and force you roughly down
My yellowish eyes filled with evil glee like a demented clown

I'll bite your chin and slither down
Nibbling and feeding at each place I've found
Until I reach the place you want to be touched
There's fear in your eyes now; you see my bloodlust

Then I'll start caressing

Until you are begging

And you break free of your silken chain
To remind me once again
Why I'm a daughter of Eve
And you're a child of Cain
Dang I feel naughty now! Inspired by Xan Abyss
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
I'm not myself when you're around
I sink back into old habits
You make me giggle like a teen
And I stutter and blush when I hear your name
Your voice sends shivers down my spine
Your hazel eyes like forest pools
Tiled with the falling leaves
Make my blood rush to my head
Your soft full lips were made to be pressed
Against mine with bruising strength
Your strong arms to crush me to you
In a hearted embrace
And I was made to live for you
My hair to curtain your face as we kiss
My nails to dig into your back
My yellowish eyes to hypnotize you
Into not feeling quite like yourself
*Le sigh* ain't love grand?
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
My 1st palindrome. Not exactly perfect, but I like the effect. Inspired by The Masked Pimpernel (though nowhere near as good.)
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
Clever* you
Sadistic me
You think you've won
But you don't see
The sinister plot
I've laid for thee
Clever you
Sadistic me

Terrified you
Elated me
I've gagged and bound
You to a tree
You eyes are pleading
Terrified you
Elated me

No more you
There's only me
That's what happens
Without loyalty
I loved you
You cheated on me
No more you
There's **only me
We all know this is what we'd REALLY like to do to people who betray our trust. Too bad it's illegal.
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
I know why the dolphins play
And laugh and squeal every day.
Look it up and you will see
They **** humans in the sea.
Yes, it really happens. They also gang-**** reluctant female dolphins.
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
My dear son
I pray you'll never know
How cruel this world can be
I pray your charm and dimpled smile
Will be your shield
I see these sweet kids just like you
Thinking the world is their friend
On YouTube
Being lured with kind words
Then beat down
Being invited to do the ice bucket challenge
Then doused with **** and ****
All they want is to belong
All they want is to be loved
To be on the inside for once
Instead of outside looking in
Sweet boy, I hope you'll never understand
What the other kids mean
When they call you *******
I hope you never cease to believe
They're laughing with you
Not at you
But more than that I pray
You'll be like the other kids someday
Able to communicate
Able to drive a car
Get a job
Go to college
Get married
But for now I'm grateful for each advance
And I pray that one day
I'll be worthy of you
Some of my biggest fears and dreams concerning my sweet autistic son. He is my world
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
She says that she's sorry,
But don't believe
She is nothing
But a thief
Not sorry she stole
And whose only thought
Is that she's sorry
She got caught
Inspired by some shenanigans a friend of mine experienced.
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
I want to be where the night hags scream
As they feed off the fears of man
I want to live where the nightmares are dreamed
And survey the scorched desert lands

I want to hide in the goblin's lair
Slipping out for a taste from the ***
Where he cooks the men who journey there
And feasts on them while they're hot

I want to fly through the midnight sky
With the vampires who feed
On unknowing victims from throats and thighs
I want to see them bleed

I want to live like it's All Hallow's Eve
Titillated all year by every scare
But since I can not I do things unseen
So, my dear friends, BEWARE
Just a fun, dark, and twisty poem. Happy Halloween!
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
A double handful of children you raised
Way back in the olden days
You made their clothes from flour sacks
Did work that'd break a strong man's back

Your husband kept a drink in hand
And gave away food to the band
Of children living down the street
When you could barely make ends meet

You were so talented musically
For any instrument you'd see
You only had to sit a while
And soon your music would cause smiles

You loved to dance the jitterbug
In the parade in the back of a truck
Though some said you were too old
You simply smiled and told them no

I always loved it when we'd fish
And it is my finest wish
To tell you great-grandmother dear
Though you are gone you are still here
I wish I had the talent to really express what an amazing woman my great grandmother, Virginia Cardwell, was. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend quality time with her. She died when I was in my teens. The best I can do is quote Alexandra Ripley in "Scarlett:"  
"That's a whole world gone, an era ended."
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
When I first saw you
And you saw me too
Sparks of passion ignited my veins.

I looked in your eyes
And tried to disguise
The fact that my heart was riddled with pain.

For you had a girl
Who was your whole world
And all of my love was all in vain.

So I bided my time
And sipped on my wine
And silently prayed that one day

That you'd call it quits
And after the split
You would come to me and say

Well I like you baby
Do you think that maybe
We could spend a few lazy
Days alone?
Or maybe talk on the phone?

Cause girl you know
You drive me crazy.
You make my mind go
Fuzzy and hazy.
So tell me baby
Do you think maybe?
Lol, channeling my inner redneck. Sung to the tune of "Friends in low Places" by Garth Brooks. And yes, I know there's an extra verse before the chorus. =P
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